The Net Worth of Adam Savage In 2016

Net worth of Adam SavageIt is always interesting to get to know about the lives of the prominent ones especially from the field you actually wish o put yourself in. If you ever wondered about turning yourself into a renowned and rich industrialist and have been looking to know how far you can go on this route,here is an example for you. Adam Savage is known to be the richest and a very renowned Industrialist in Amazed how rich he is. Have a look at the post below.

Knowing all about Adam Savage

Adam savage whose complete name is Adam Whitney Savage was born on 15th of July 1967.  He is a very well-known American industrialist, industrial designer, fabricator, educator, special effect designer/creator and a television personality.

net worth of Adam Savage

He has also been the co-host of another discovery channel star Jamie Hyneman and has given most celebrated TV series with him like Unchained Reactions and MythBusters. His classical work has appeared in many major movies like Star Wars II and The Matrix Reloaded. Adam Savage is also a very prominent member of the skeptic community while still residing in San Francisco with his wife and his twin sons.

Net Worth of Adam Savage

The net worth of Adam Savage amounts to more than eight billion dollars. His major reason behind his successful life is that he has a huge admiring audience and the fact that people love him not only for his charming and creative personality but also because of his knowledge, sense of humor and ingenious mind. During the initial days of his working, he has laid his hands on many jobs and has worked previously as an animator, carpenter, and graphic designer, television presenter, set designer, gallery owner and model maker. This is why his sources of income are varying and different.

Net Worth of Adam Savage

One of the most interesting things about Adam Savage is that he has worked as a model maker on movies like Space Cowboys, Star Wars episode II and The Matrix Reloaded. Keeping in mind his multitalented personality, it can be said that his net worth is completely unavoidable. Moreover, he has taught advanced level model making at the Academy of Art University in the department of industrial design.  Some of his money comes by being  regular guest and speaker at the annual Maker Faire where he seeks and acknowledge the audience on different topics, subjects, themes like dodo birds and their topics of interest.

 He also takes questions from the audiences and talk about his career, life, movies and success with them. Along with Will Wheaton and comedy rock duo Paul Sabourin and Greg Dicostanzo, he conceived a touring variety show called w00stock that went famous and used to be one of the major sources of his income. Adam has also been seen in the leading role of the movie Night of the Little Dead by Frank Ippolito where has acted as  a person rifling with the inundated zombies.

Lifestyle of Adam Savage

He had many affairs before he married his wife Julia Ward who currently resides with him and looks after his children that Adam had from his previous relationships. Since Adam Savage is a billionaire, he obviously has a very lavish and luxurious life. With his money, he has fulfilled many of his obsessions like having expensive superhero costumes and cosplays. He has  a huge collection of authentic superhero costumes including that of Jaws and Batman.

Lifestyle of Adam Savage

He is the owner of many expensive cars and extravagant houses and because his show MythBusters is kicking off all new episodes, he is celebrating eighteenth anniversary of his TV show with new experiments involving the use of nail guns, sulfuric acid and Chevy impala amplified with heavy rockets.

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