10 Natural Disasters in 2012 that shook the world!

Hurricane SandyDisasters are always unwelcomed but when it comes to the natural disasters, humans find themselves helpless in avoiding the destruction that is affects thousands of people in the natural disasters. Now that the year is about to end, it is the time to have a quick flash back on the disastrous natural events which resulted in killing people all around the world.

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1)Hurricane Sandy

Countries Affected: 24 states affected including Greater Antilles, Bahamas, most of eastern United States, Bermuda, and eastern Canada

No. of Victims: 253 total


October 22, 2012 was the beginning of one of the devastating storm of history, Sandy, that flood away subway lines, tunnels, streets and cutting power in and around the city. It causes massive destruction of about $55.23 million in Jamaica, destroying 15,000 homes, killing 11 and causing $2 billion damage in Bahamas and over all damage of $65.6 billion. US stock market closes first time after 9/11. Hurricane Sandy: US stock markets close for the first time since 9/11 Hurricane Sandy: US stock markets close for the first time since 9/11

2)Cyclone Nilam

Countries Affected: Sri Lanka, South India

No. of Victims: 75 total

Cyclone Nilam

The news striking the headlines on October 22,2012 has lead to evacuation of 3000 people in Mahabalipuram and 282 schools and colleges were put on holidays in Chennai, as they were converted into relief centers. Cyclone Nilam was deadliest after Cyclone jal, in 2010, but turned properties into 3000 tons of debris. It damages property more than lives and causes the damage of $56.7 million in total, felling down 86 trees. The maximum damage of $36.4 million occurred in Andhra Pradesh.

3)Philippines typhoon

Countries Affected: Philippines, Vietnam, China

No. of Victims: 1000 people

Philippines typhoon

In Philippines the typhoon Son-Tih the heavy rains and stormy winds killed 27 people and causes the damage of US$3.8 million 149,000 houses damaged, whereas in China 82,326 people were relocated into temporary shelters. In Vietnam 429 homes collapsed and 55,251 were damaged while 95,000 hectares of crops are flooded that results in damage of US$331 million.

4)Indonesia earthquake

Countries Affected: Indonesia

No. of Victims:

Indonesia earthquake

Indonesia lies on the pacific “Ring of Fires”, so every now and then there are shakings. This October in Indonesia has history of deadliest earthquakes that strike thrice during October. They were in different magnitude ranging from 5-6.7 that causes severe damages. The one that crossed the limits of life and strength of property was of 7.1 magnitudes that shake the land in December that causes tremors.

5)Myanmar earthquake

Countries Affected: Myanmar

No. of Victims: 38 people dead, 230 injured

Myanmar earthquake

The earthquake jolted the northern part of Myanmar with a magnitude of 6.8, it was so intensified that it collapsed a bridge and damaged ancient Buddhist Pagodas in northern Myanmar, 12 people feared death and dozen more injured, wrecks buildings.

6)Uttarakashi flash flood

Country affected: India

No of victims: 31 people killed, 20000 affected

Uttarakashi flash flood

In august, kash a holy town in Uttarakhand, India come under heavy flesh flood. It was the worst tragedy to hit in more than 30 years, it was followed by cloudbursts, continuous rains, and flash floods have wrecked havoc on land. Landslides killed 31 people and cutting off 80 villages from the rest of Uttharakand.

7)Iran earthquake

Country Affected: Iran

No. of Victims: 227 dead, 1380 injured

Iran earthquake

Hundreds of villages were crushed as twin earthquakes struck Iran in the last year. The magnitude of the first shock was reported 6.4 and second one was recorded 6.3. Time difference between both shocks was 11 minutes. Luckily the biggest city in the region Tarbiz conceded only minor damage. Building wrecked and flattened because of which many people died under concrete.

8)Assam Flood

Country Affected: India

No. of Victims 33 dead, 17.60 lakh affected

Assam Flood

The three waves of devastating floods in Assam this year have seen 33 people losing their lives. The flood occurred due to breaches in the upper areas of river Brahmaputra. A large no of wild animals were reported killed however big animals were reported to be safe. 27 districts were inundated in which 800,000 people were affected in at least 15 of the 27 districts. Despite 1.5 million people were forced to empty their homes

9)Beijing Flash Flood:

Country Affected: China

No. of Victims: 79 people killed. 1.6 million Affected

Beijing Flash Flood

Violent rainstorms in the middle of July unusually saw Beijing which is situated neither on a coastline along the banks of a big river on the verge of a flood which killed 79 people and destroyed 8200 homes. The total no of affective of the flood were approx. 1.6 million people. The flood caused at least US$1.6 billion damage and 56,933 people were forced to evacuate homes.

10)Pakistan Flood :

Country Affected: Pakistan

No. of Victims: 480 people dead about 5 million affected

Pakistan Flood

Intense monsoon rainfall starting from the month of august caused widespread loss of life, livelihoods and infrastructure across southern Punjab, northern Sindh and northeastern Balochistan. According to government sources 480 people were found dead whereas 5 million people were affected from the flood.

Although there is very little we can do to avoid these natural destruction, we hope and pray that the coming year, 2013 would have less disasters and the world would enjoy peace and harmony.

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  1. Disasters are the only means of bringing down the lives and economy of the people. Even a small disaster is not tolerable. Hope to have a happy 2013 and well researched article. I was much aware about “sandy” as my relatives live in USA

    • Vary bad moments in the year of 2012.Nothing in your hands but praise to god then god will save us from all types of floods.

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