Must Have Ingredients For Fiverr Earning

must have ingredients for fiverrRealizing the importance of Online Money Making opportunities, people are taking keen interest in getting some dollars to enjoy an easy earning as compared to the tiring traditional jobs. is a unique site that pays $5 ($4 after deductions) to its members for their gigs that other members would like to buy from them. However, the easier the registration for this site is, the harder is to attract your potential buyer to your gig as there are thousand s of your competitors, who are well trained with the tactics to maintain a continuous inflow of wealth.

In my Fiverr series, the first task that I focused on was how you can increase your earnings with your Fiverr account, and now here are some must have ingredients that you need to include in offering all your gigs on the site, As stated in Part 1, all what you have got to pull the buyers are a title, a picture and few lines. Now you must know what to write and how to write in the slogans that can bring you clients. Moreover, what technicalities should be taken care of, we will discuss all this in this post.



Make Titles your  Friend

importance of titlesThe Title of your Gig is as important as a name is for a person; it plays the role of an identity, giving a reason for your potential client to stop for a second to know about you. Now imagine if you are a client and you are looking for a web developer, would you click on ad that say, “singer to hire”? Obviously not. Further, if you want a programmer for C# language, would you hire a programmer who only knows coming back to you, it’s very important your title should be a snapshot of your capabilities, which can only be this way if you are really talented.


Think as long as you wish to before choosing a title for your gig, If you come across some good title, write it on a piece of paper, and sweep it off from your mind, and again start thinking for the other. When your mind becomes saturated, stop thinking right there. It’s time now to play with the suggested titles to select them. Go through your titles and remove unnecessary words like in, at, make, have, play with the key words, selection of keywords is another significant step here. It depends on your gig, for example if you are a C# programmer and can code for any given object, Title must be something like, “Free Professional C# Programmer Available”, the word professional will place an impact on the buyer that you know the work, C# programmer will be the hit words, telling the buyer, he is looking at the correct place, and finally, the word Free, will obviously pull any human towards it.

Got the Idea?

Use Fruitful Tags-enjoy Results

Add TagsThe readers, who have got the basic idea about adding tags in a blog post, must have been doing this already, for those who are only familiar with Fiverr, the next important thing after the title is adding relevant tags. Fiverr offers a dedicated section on its site, where people can find related gigs by searching with keywords. If the user entered keyword, matches your added tag, your Gig will be one of those posts that will be offered to the user. Never hesitate in adding more tags, you don’t have to pay for them, so why to restrict yourself with few?


Add TagsAlways add the important tags first, as many as you can think of, keeping in view of what your potential client would like to search about. Use easy, simple words, because people, while searching do not use words of high vocabulary because people hardly use difficult terminologies.

Convince Your Client with description

Consider yourself as a client, what kind of description will attract you? It’s human nature that we want to do business with people who place a right impact on us, showing they are reliable and offer high quality. In case of freelancing, the things are different, your competitors may take over your potential clients offering them low prices but with fiverr, price is fixed, that is , $5, so the only discrimination that is possible is on the basis of the attitude you adopt while dealing with the client. We will discuss this point in detail in the next step. The two or three line description is too less to show your credibility, I agree, but, interestingly, your opponents have got the same resources and limitations too. Try to state all what you want to convey, which you DID NOT, in your title.


Use correct grammar, relevant words, small but effective sentences. Do not beg, and do not show over confidence. Stay to the point, check before uploading whether the description is well-crafted or not.

Say what you can do-Offer High Quality.

say what you can doGetting a buyer is comparatively easier than getting the same buyer again. You must ensure that the quality, that you promised in your package, must be better than the best so that your clients come back to you or refer you to people who are in search of similar work.


Make sure first what can you do and what you can, stay honest while stating about the quality you can provide, never give a false impression to the client as it is cheating as well as it would greatly affect your future earnings too.

Make Decisions on Experiences

It is possible that win starting you will have to face constant failures in one of your selected gigs, don’t give up, try other, on the basis of your experience, you will soon learn about which ability of yours will bring most of the revenue and what gig is just consuming your time and energy in return of nothing.


Try to learn from your experiences,

I really hope that my personal analysis and the tricks that I adopted for my Fiverr account, will work you in the same way as they did for me

All the Best,

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