Set Multiple E-mail Signatures in iOS 6- Features reloaded

set multiple email signatures ios 6If you are tech- savvy and look forward to use your iPhone4S to the fullest, then you have landed over the right place. With the introduction of iOS6 in the market, a new trend of switching from once-loved iPhone4S to iOS 6 has been seen. However, what few of you might not know is the fact that you can always upgrade your existing iPhone4S to iOS 6 by downloading its upgrade via internet.

New Features of iOS 6

It was expected to have something much bigger in the new iOS 6, when compared with its parent OS- the iPhone4S. Out of all other features, if you only focus on the messaging/chatting/emailing features that are now added, you will see that Apple has given a lot of emphasis on ensuring that it helps out the users in every possible way in the mailing world. With your iOS 6, you can create VIP lists in your emails to make sure that your important messages always are available within your reach.

If you are a busy person who often finds the handling of different tickets, say plane ticket, cinema tickets, etc, you can now enjoy keeping them all in one place, that is, in your iPhone through the passbook Feature.

Are you a devoted Parent or a partner? Then this feature is especially designed for you. With the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, you can now mute all other calls apart from special numbers that could be of your Children or spouse.

Following the above stated new features of this iOS, one feature that has now become a turning point in its success is undoubtedly its ability to create separate signatures for your different email accounts all at once, in your device!

Multiple Email Signatures

There are wide possibilities that you might be using more than one account to manage your e-mails, depending upon the classifications you have in your life. Taking My example, using 4 accounts simultaneously is a hell difficult thing at times when you know you have to respond all the clients efficiently on the respective email accounts. Taking a deep notice of his, iOS 6 offers its users to manage multiple Email Signatures for as many accounts as you want!

This effectively saves your time that was previously wasted in deleting the e-mail signature that was been used by the previous Email ID that you used. In case you don’t know, it is important to mention here that before iOS 6, you could only set a common signature for all your accounts that somehow restricted your freedom to manage the IDs differently.

With this feature you can now separately manage your official email address with a signature having your designation, office contact No. Address, etc. And at the same time, can also enjoy your nick names, personal No. in a private ID.

Having this information about what a blessing this new feature is, Let us see how the iOS can 6 users can set this.

Setting up Multiple Signatures

Step 1:

Go to settings from where you can select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. You will see an option of “Signature” appearing in the same list. Click on it and the following screen would appear:

Signatures on iOS 6

Step 2:

Now that you are where you need to add your email Signatures, take a deep breath, you are almost done!

All your selected accounts will appear in the list. Select an account individually and personalize your desired signature for each of them.


How Simple was that! Hope that the new feature shared here will turn out to be beneficial for you, especially when it comes to maintaining several email accounts through your iOS.


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  1. Wow this feature is really cool ,
    I am really excited to set multiple signature to my email account
    thanks for sharing this information

  2. There are lots of new coll features in iOS 6 and multiple email signature is one of them. Well, what I like the most about iOS 6 is VIP Mailbox feature. It helps me to get the most important email faster. Now I don’t important emails among other mails.

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