How Much Money Subway Surfers has Made So Far

History-of-Subway-Surfers.png Gaming is surely one of the most interesting side hobbies that is now easy to afford and fun to enjoy. Thanks to the revival of gaming industry, you can now play free games on your smartphones by just making a few clicks and enjoying a complete new adventure of high definition games. Talking about the most famous games, Subway Surfers stands very high in the list. If you have ever wondered how much money subway surfers has made so far, here is a clear answer to your urge.

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History of Subway Surfers

It is another most famous endless running mobile game which was developed and featured in 2012 by Kiloo which is basically a private company based in Denmark. The theme of this game play is actually world tour where almost all the major cities of the world like New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Paris, Beijing and Moscow have been presented till now. The platform where this game is available are iOS and Android system as well as Windows phone platfroms lately. The updates are based on the seasonal holidays and since January 2013 updates are made according to the theme of world tour.

Subway Surfers Followers

Subway Surfers Followers Money Subway Surfers has Made So Far

Subway surfers have had more than 130 million downloads across the entire globe and it includes downloads on iOS, Android and Amazon since its May 2012 release on iOS, Subway Surfers presently has 25 million daily active users and 75 million monthly active users. For a game like this, it is a very impressive amount of users and the major reason of its popularity is the fact that subway surfers is a very great looking game and is also very easy to pick up for the users which is why Subway Surfers daily download rate flies between 750,000 to one million, and it is predictable to stand up 250 million lifetime downloads by the end of 2013.

Revenue Generated By Subway Surfers

Revenue Generated By Subway Surfers Money Subway Surfers has Made So Far

The daily estimated installations are about 20,692 whereas its daily active users have surpassed the limit of 393,335 making its daily estimated revenue more than $15,418. With such high amount of active daily users and downloads, this app has been ranked number 86 on top grossing apps and number 30 on top free apps At further than 130 million total and over all transfers, Subway Surfers is sighted about 25 million DAUs. The game has also received user maintenance charges that are triple the industry mediocre all on iOS, Subway Surfers keeps 91 percent users after day one, 81 percent after a week and 60 percent after a full 30 days.

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