How Much Money Do The Channels Make From Ramadan Transmission?

How much channel make in ramadan transmissionOur TV screens had been occupied by numerous Ramadan programs airing on many networking stations like ARY, Geo TV, Hum and many more. Even though all these shows have broadcasted doubtful content for some time now but this year they appeared to have taken it up to the highest mark. Previously, such broadcasts contained of educated spiritual as well as religious researchers/ scholars who would debate Islamic questions and reply queries of the people relating to religious lessons. This would be trailed by a recital of a naat or a dua, and the program would be finished by the time of iftar without any trickeries, no games, puzzles, games or prize distribution. Today, some people might claim that these TV shows were too simple, uninteresting and be deficient in enthusiasm but others consider the content back then was much elegant and more appropriate for the religion.

Ramadan shows nowadays are known to deliver very minute information of anything, let alone religion, and there is no encouragement that can be strained to cover our interest concerning religion. In fact, the outcome is pretty contradictory. These shows are motivating rusticity, and risky levels of gluttony, greed and lack of compassion.

How much money do the channels make from Ramadan transmission?

The Ramadan broadcast on each TV station has gone outside of their restrictions, if one wants to change the network for some amusement, he doesn’t have to worry as the whole thing is present in the religious program. The creators of these programs disburse a vast expanse on the sets. They someway succeed to fetch parrots, peacocks, snake and many other creatures on the display just for the rankings, which gives an imprint of a zoo rather than a spiritual transmission. The donations/rewards worth thousands of rupees are plainly given to the viewers as a sign of kindness. The hosts make fun of Islam on the live TV, embarrassing visitors and the viewers and nobody says a word.

How much money do the channels make from Ramadan transmission

Last year Geo or Amir Liaquat was clever enough to notch the top position in the television scores war. The resulting breach left in the marketplace was occupied by ARY Digital that took jam-packed benefit of the condition by receiving a head start. In the first half of last year’s Ramadan, ARY digital has max the ranks. Seemingly, the TV program called Jeeto Pakistan appeared as the newly beloved TV show of Pakistani viewers, mostly females.

With 1285 GRPs, ARY digital befitted as the most viewed channel in the first 15 days of Ramadan. ARY digital’s neighboring challenger has been Express Entertainment with 1230 GRPs. Deceptively, the cause for this has been previous Geo TV’s anchor Amir Liaquat Hussain’s program called Pakistan Ramadan which has reserved a portion of the viewers for Express Entertainment. Nevertheless, none of the longstanding attraction remains in his broadcasts and Express Entertainment may find it very hard to achieve the top spot.

HUM TV on the other hand is well behind all these channels with 585 GRPs but is bringing up some more drama and entertainment into its shows and will probably get more rating this year.

Knowing that now, it is really interesting to see how the Holy Month pays back to the businesses too. Please share your views about it.

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