How Much Investment You need To Launch a Food Centre

how much to invest in a food businessTo win a man’s heart is by his stomach is true saying. For centuries human kind have evolved the recipes and taste of food from earth to sky. Never ending innovations and possibilities in food have taken rise by leaps and bounds. One of the small investments with big fortune is opening up a food Centre to quench the never ending thirst of food lovers.

1)Type Of Food

Type of foodHow Much Investment You need To Launch a Food Centre

The whole pricing and budgeting phenomenon of this business solely depends upon the type of food that will be offered in the food Centre. Ranging from Chinese, traditional and continental one needs to be specific when it comes to setting up the menu. To draw attention of different type of foodies try making your menu as diverse as possible to attract mass crowd to you restaurant.



Placement of your business should be a symbol of attraction or ambience provided must be taken into account that it provides a peaceful environment to the guests. Cost of venue depending if bought or occupied on rental varies. One should conceder this bulkiest investment of food Centre because rental or purchase both wills minimum cost around roughly an estimated minimum $100,000 to $1,500,000. The price quoted is not a promise that it will remain fixing but speculations can be made that with time it will go up.


Franchise How Much Investment You need To Launch a Food Centre

One should always consider becoming a part of running river if possible only if he knows how to sail. Franchise an outlet of some worthy name or opening your own business with unique name is not a bad option. However building up or and relationships takes a lot of time however franchise might start benefiting you with short span of time. However again the capital minimum required acquiring a franchise for example the cost of investing in a McDonald’s franchise restaurant typically ranges from £125,000 to £325,000 as a guide.


MarketingHow Much Investment You need To Launch a Food Centre

The more you see more you buy. If you are able to place your name and fame both in correct place and time then there is no stopping for you. Today the world of marketing is not only brochures, flyers, billboards one big fish have entered the market since long and that is social media marketing which seem to a cheap however very effective means of marketing your business. Marketing strategy will depend upon printing and electronic media both and again will be an expensive journey with minimum ticket of $50000 and more.