How Much Average Mobile Applications Can Make?

Average Mobile Applications Can MakeIf you are a developer and currently cashing your skills in the huge domain of web development, it is now time to question whether you are utilizing your skills in the most productive way. While the world is enjoying a great switch of users from the previous cellphones to the smartphones, the developers too are making a large sum out of their skills with each app they develop. If you are a newbie and looking forward to choose this field as your career, it is significantly important that you first know the scope of tool you are about to choose as your earning weapon. We will disclose today that how much an average mobile application can make actually so that you get an idea about the wealth which comes your way when you decide to turn into a mobile application developer.

Three Platforms you need to know

The market is currently all occupied by the three vendors who are providing the mobile platforms under the logo of Android, iOS and Windows phone. Like me, if you had been developing on Nokia’s obsolete Symbian and J2ME platform, you need to know that they are nowhere in the developing market now. However, being an Android myself, it is easy to predict the future of Android in upcoming years, which surely is brighter than what its user can even imagine.

Statistics show that over the past three years, Android has turned into the leading mobile platform, beating Apple’s iOS significantly. To be accurate enough, Google dominates the mobile market with 900 million users, while Apple follows with 600 million iOS devices purchased, and Microsoft comes in third place with an estimated 12 million Windows Phones sold (the vast majority of those, 81%, being sold by Nokia).

Amount Paid off to the Android Developers this year

android mobile development earning

An Android developer conference was held at Google I/O where it was disclosed that there are about 150,000 Android developers all over the world who have contributed in developing 800,000 apps that are available on Google Play Store. As per the financial fillings of the company, about $900 million in pay-outs to developers “over the last 12 months”, which is a good share been given to the real heroes behind the scene!

Amount Paid off to the iOS Developers this year

ios development money

Apple, too, revealed at its Worldwide Developer Conference that there are about 1.25 million apps in the app store which accounts for about 50 billion downloads. So far, $5 billion had been paid off to developers for their services in making the app store keep going.

Amount Paid off to the Windows phone Developers this year

windows phone app development money

The weakest candidate here is Microsoft’s Windows Phone which it recently has purchased from one of the leading vendors, Nokia. Microsoft has claimed that there are 160,000 apps and are about 45,000 developers contributing worldwide.

An overall view!

mobile phone developer statistics

As per the compiled stats, it is Apple which is currently providing the highest payoff to the developers with Android been the second in the list.

How much can you make with an app?

Still confused about your earnings? Let’s get on to the point. See the table below carefully.

earnings from mobile development

Say, if you choose Android as your platform and develops five apps for example, they are likely to enjoy around 60,000 downloads at an average and will pay you back $.01875 per download, you can now imagine how much it would generate for you altogether. Same goes for Apple and Windows.

Future Scope

Having been discussed and presenting the clear picture of the earning through mobile development, it is easy to predict that the present surely is leaded by Apple which is providing its developers a considerably large share. However, Android is improving and has the potential to take over the market completely in upcoming two years. While these two technologies are enjoying a healthy business now and in near future, there are chances that windows phones will gradually make their place in the market, as high as that of Microsoft’s other products like Windows and Skype.

Keep developing and keep trying because this is all what a developer need to excel to the best.


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