Top 10 Most Played Facebook Games in India

most played facebook games in IndiaBeing the second largest country of the world in terms of population, India enjoys a great number of internet users who keep themselves occupied by using social media websites and playing games on Facebook. According to the latest survey been conducted by, it has been concluded that Indians are really into Facebook gaming and to make it further interesting, here is a list of top 10 most played Facebook games in India on the basis of the number of monthly active users on these Facebook games. Have a look!

1) Criminal Case

Monthly active users: 3,729,488

criminal case in india

Here, all you need to do is to solve criminal cases and hunt hidden objects. If you think you have investigation skills then try playing criminal case, which is one of the most played Facebook games in India

2) Farmville 2

Monthly active users: 1,066,357

Becoming a farmer and managing your farms was never so easy as it is now, thanks to the Farmville series. This is the second most played game in India and Indian love maintaining their Facebook farms and earning through it.

3) Texas HoldEm Poker

Monthly active users: 642,310

texas holdEm poker on facebook

Poker game are quite famous among the Facebook Game and it is Texas HoldEm Poker which is played the most these days.

4) 8 Ball pool

Monthly active users: 525,184

Pool games are always one of the top 10 loved ones. 8 Ball pool is an interesting pool game and people all over the world love playing it.

5) Pool live tour

Monthly active users: 476,398

pool games on facebook

6) Angry birds friends

Monthly active users: 437,268

Once it was the most widely played games on Facebook, but thanks to the angry birds new versions and series that the audience has somehow divided into the versions. Angry Birds friends is the 6th most played game in India.

7) Howzat Cricket

Monthly active users: 435,656

India and Pakistan both seem to love cricket as a sport the most and probably this is the reason that many Indians love playing Howzat cricket on Facebook too.

8) Farmville

Monthly active users: 342,370

Though the market has been taken by its new version, there are many people who are still enjoying the ingredients that the original Farmville offered.

9) Diamond Dash

Monthly active users: 342,115

Pool live tour facebook game

10) Chess

Monthly active users: 317,044

Now that many users are not using windows XP, they are playing Chess on Facebook, and chess is the 10th most played game in India these days.

All for now, Share your views and also mention which game do you play!


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  1. You are right. Criminal Case is the most popular game, Tired of getting request for this game from my friends.
    Nice list Nida. Thanks for sharing.

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