Top 10 Most Followed Business Tycoons in 2013

Most Followed Business Tycoons Sometimes life is not as simple as we do think, nor it offers ready to success recipe to everyone. But some people are tactful, smart and fortunate who shimmer like stars on the planet. Almost all of them have got little secrets that made them inspiration for the generations. Here are the secrets revealed behind the most followed business tycoons.

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1)Oprah Winfrey

Headquartered in: California, United States

Deals in: Media

Owner: The Oprah Winfrey Show, Chairwoman and CEO of Harpo Production, Chairwoman, CEO and CCO of Oprah Winfrey Network

Fortune: $2.7 billion

Oprah Winfrey

The iconic leader, elegant and visionary notable who is now promoting education and sense of philanthropy, was once in life has gone through the worst times of uncountable tears and hardships due to poverty and child abuse. She might not be an actress, talk show host, producer, actress and a philanthropist without the faith of her grandmother who supported her every way to step into anchoring which turned the tables in her life.

2)Steve Jobs

Headquartered in: California, U.S

Deals in: Software

Owner: Apple Incorporation, Co-founder and CEO of Pixar, NEXT Inc

Fortune: $10.2 billion

Steve Jobs

2011, the year the world has lost an eye of revolution, a master of innovation and a Father of Digital Revolution due to cancer. The creative genius has completely given a new vision of personal computers into a smart phone. The man has definitely got skills inherited and his father done his best to push him to world of electronics since he was 5.

3)Donald Trump

Headquartered in: New York, U.S

Deals in: Anchoring and Real Estate

Owner: Trump Organization, Trump Entertainment resorts, trump’s Plaza Association

Fortune: $3.2 billion

Donald Trump

There are thousands of secrets and stories revealed about celebrities and tycoons who are scared to death when they are invited over his NBC reality series. The son of New York real-estate developer has defiantly inherited the skill of innovations and building which you can truly acknowledge if you ever visited Trump Entertainment Resorts.

4)Bill Gates

Headquartered in: Washington, U.S

Deals in: Programming, entrepreneur

Owner: Microsoft, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CEO of Cascade investment, Chairman or Corbis

Fortune: $72.7 billion

Bill Gates

One more dropped out student of Harvard is excelling in leadership who is now a visionary inventor, who has completely, redefines the world of software with the introduction of Microsoft, a personal computer revolution. The son of a lawyer, who was always been criticized over his business tactics is keeping a consistent record of being the wealthiest from all the way 1995-2009. The investor and inventor is an inspiration and motivation to philanthropist endeavors as he is been donating for research programs and charitable organizations.

5)S. Truett Cathy

Headquartered in: Georgia, U.S

Deals in: Fast Food chain

Owner: Chick-fil-A

Fortune: $4.2 billion

S. Truett Cathy

Chicken sandwiches are found everywhere, so common that you can’t imagine your lunch without it. Mr. Cathy, an owner of fast food restaurant chain, Chick fill-A in Atlanta, is the inventor of delicious combination of bread and chicken.

6)Mitt Romney

Headquartered in: Massachusetts, U.S

Deals in: Business, Politics, Consultancy

Owner: Brain Capital

Fortune: $250 million

Mitt Romney

The youngest child of an automobile executive was never been inspired by the cars or constructions, he decided to move on as a politician with strong convincing and consulting personality. He was the Republic Party’s nominee for President of U.S against Obama in 2012.

7)Henry Ford

Headquartered in: Dearborn, Michigan, U.S

Deals in: Engineer and Businessman

Owner: Ford Motor

Fortune: $188.1 billion

Henry Ford

Certainly the man who understood the feelings of middle class families, though he died in 1947 but his biggest invention of an affordable automobile, that anyone could buy earned him a credit, “Fordisim”. His intense commitment to systematically lowering cost has given rise to many technical and business revolutions.

8)Mark Zukerberg

Headquartered in: Menlo Park, California, U.S.

Deals in: Computer programming

Owner: Facebook

Fortune:$ 13.3 billion

Mark Zukerberg

Kids may not know about software or automobiles, but they may have an account on Face-book. The biggest social networking site is the idea of Harvard drop out student, Mark Zukerberg who initially created Facebook as photo directory, is now completely evolved into everything, from peer-to-peer connection to mode of advertisements. He may have credit for everything but his father was the one who taught him writing software in middle school, Atari BASIC programming and got him a private software developer tutor.

9)Warren buffett

Headquartered in: Nebraska, U.S

Deals in: Investment

Owner: Berkshire Hathaway

Fortune: $53.5 billion

Warren buffett

No doubt his eternal undying thirst of being successful has made him a shrewd investor of 20th century. The student of Ben Graham, who is considered as the father of value investing, has taught him the secrets of key investments that has now made him the “Wizard of Omaha”, the father of value investments of 20th century.

10)Robert Kardashian

Headquarters in: Los Angles

Deals in: Businessman, Lawyer

Owner: Radio & records

Fortune: $30 million

Robert Kardashian

The renowned American layer is a graduate of University of San Diego School of Law, who had over 20 years since he had last practice law. Kardashian died in 2003 due to esophageal cancer.


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  1. i followed 4 of the tycoons among the list. (Jobs, Mark, Billy and Buffet) 😉
    It’s a great and joyful journey to have learn things from them which can fasten our road to success (i simply love living in the technology era! Really cool!) 🙂

  2. I read most of your posts today. I love mostly all…this one is really inspiring. I read about them more in web but first I got to know all in this post..this is really inspiring day for me. Thanks a lot for such a great article.

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