The World’s Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelors

Eligible Billionaire BachelorsIt is so wrongly said that not all things come altogether, there are some eligible billionaire bachelors who are ruling the hearts of many for their intelligence, work, fame and money all over the world. We have shared lists of many popular musicians, richest people, businessmen, actors and what not and here we are again with a unique collection of most eligible billionaire bachelors of the world in 2013.

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1)Albert von Thurn und Taxis

Age: 29

Fortune: $1.5 billion

Deals in: Car Racing

Secret behind the big money: Inheritance

Albert von Thurn und Taxis

The man who holds the honor of being the youngest to appear on the list of Forbes as he was just eight at that moment, basically he inherited the fortune as a gift on his 18th birthday in 2001. The young blood loves to cruise around with a German auto-racing league.

2)Eduardo Saverin

Age: 31

Fortune: $2.2 billion

Deals in: Facebook

Secret behind the big money: Self-made and investing

Eduardo Saverin

Mark Zuckerberg onetime best friend is the co-founder of Facebook has decided to abandon U.S and lives in Singapore. He earns a lot of wealth via his major shares in Facebook and profits from his earlier investment into Qwiki and Junio though he belongs to a wealthy Jewish Brazilian family.

3)Robert Pera


Fortune: $1.2 billion

Deals in: Hardware Engineering

Secret behind the big money: Ubiquitin Networks, Inc. (wireless company)

Robert Pera

The most successful entrepreneur of Silicon Valley has upended the wireless industry, Ubiquitin eight years ago in his San Jose apartment. With his faster, cheaper and farther internet services it is possible for thousand of small internet services provider to do business. He owns majority of the share in his industries so fluctuation in its price make for wild swings in his wealth. He is also the owner of National Basketball Association and owns Memphis Grizzlies, one of the winning teams that plays in Memphis.

4)Yoshikazu Tanaka


Fortune: $1.9 billion

Deals in: Mobile Social Network Game Site developer

Secret behind the big money: Self-made and mobile games

Yoshikazu Tanaka

There is always someone responsible for your success either it’s your hard work or an inspiration, and in this case it was Alvin Toffler, who inspired Tanaka through his writing, ‘Power Shift’ that indulged him into the thought of changes in society by information and communication. He never knew his hobby could turn him into a billionaire; his personal website SNS GREE has turn into the one of the biggest Tokyo Stock Exchange website over night that has changed everything.

5)Alejandro Santo Domingo

Age: 36

Fortune: $11.7 billion

Deals in: Investment advisory Firm

Secret behind the big money: Inherited beer company

The eldest son from his jet setting beer magnate father’s second marriage is now a managing director at a New York based investment advisory firm. A Harvard graduate is a successor of his father’s Beer Company that makes over 150 brands which are sold worldwide. He also owns profitable shares in online clothing store Dafiti and Chile’s Corpbanca for $100 million.

6)Teddy Sagi

Age: 41

Fortune: $1.8 billion

Deals in: gambling Software Group, Playtech.

Secret behind the big money: Grambling

Teddy Sagi

The Israeli individual who is the owner of Playtech, a Grambling software group adds hundredths of millions to his net worth. It isn’t the only deal that earns him the profit he also owns several commercial real estate, instant messenger services, an e-payment company and hotels in Europe that contribute to his net worth daily to land him onto the platform of billionaire.

7)Nat Rothschild

Age: 42

Fortune: $1 billion

Deals in: Investment advisory business and mining

Secret behind the big money: Banking and Investment

Nat Rothschild

The British born financier, descended from the court Jew family, the Rothschild who established an International banking business and dynasty has surpassed most power families of the era and so does the Nat Rothschild, one of the five sons who is currently the Chairman of investment advisory business and a co-chairman of Bumi plc, a major international coal mining group.

8)Elon Musk

Age: 42

Fortune: $2.7 billion

Deals in: Space transport, electric sports car and provide energy services

Secret behind the big money: Tesla Motors, PayPal, self- made

Online transductions were never so better unless Musk made a deal with eBay and sell out PayPal in 2002 which will soon be one of the biggest ways of transduction. The African American boy is the CEO and the chief designer of SpaceX, a space transport company initially transporting cargo but later plan to carry humans. He is also the chairman of SolarCity.

9)Xavier Niel

Age: 45

Fortune: $6.6 billion

Deals in: Telecommunication, Internet

Secret behind the big money: Internet, Self-made

Xavier Niel

The internet king is the owner of Ilad, telecom outfit free, the France second largest ISP. In 2012 he also launched Free Mobile has his first entrepreneurial success as a teenager when he built an erotic chat messenger for French internet forerunners, Minitel.

10)Mikhail Prokhorov

Age: 48

Fortune: $13 billion

Deals in: investment

Secret behind the big money: Self-made

Mikhail Prokhorov

The 32nd richest person in the world is a play boy, banker, investor, politician, media player, athlete, NBA owner and now again the politician, founding the Civic platform, that intends to expand in Russia. But above all the secret lays behind his industrialization determination. The leading Industrialist owns major stakes in Multinational Corporation in the metal sector.


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