10 Most Corrupt Countries of the World in 2013


corruption-2013Corruption is one of the major threats faced by the humanity these days. It can destroy people, their lives and communities, and undermines countries and institutions.  It leads to complete failure in the delivery of basic services like education or healthcare. Corruption leads to increase in taxes and makes the poor people and most vulnerable nations its real victims.

There are many countries of the world which have been serious victims of corruption. According to the Corruption Perception Index, the 10 most corrupt countries of the world in 2013 are as follows. Have a look!


1) Somalia



Capital: Mogadishu
Area: 637,657 square kilometers
Rank: 174/174 countries
Score: 8/100



Somalia, Republic of Somalia, lies in the Horn of Africa. The legal structure in Somalia is divided into civil law, religious law and customary law. It has one of the most corrupt governments of the world. It has been used as a battleground for political ideologies and fueled corruption by the foreign countries. The country has been in a state of war since the last two decades and the nation suffers from high inflation and malnutrition.

2) North Korea


North Korea-corrupt-country-2013

Capital: Pyongyang
Area: 120,540 square kilometers

Rank: 174/174 countries
Score: 8/100



North Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,  is a country in East Asia which lies in the northern half of Korean Peninsula. It has universal and state-funded education. The government lacks in providing basic necessities to the nation due to various economic problems and minimal budget allocation. Despite having the most militarized army, strict rules and severe punishments, the country is still unable to control corruption due to bribery.

3) Afghanistan



Capital: Kabul
Area: 647,500 square kilometers
Rank: 174/174 countries
Score: 8/100



Afghanistan is a land-locked sovereign state forming part of South Asia, Central Asia and Western Asia. It is an impoverished and; east developed country. Corruption is a very widespread and fast growing problem in Afghanistan. The nation is facing prevalent corruption in the form of illegal land grabbing, Soviet war, Taliban existence, foreign interference and seizure of government property. The government of Afghanistan fails to overcome corruption despite so many measures being taken by the foreign sources.


4) Sudan



Capital: Khartoum
Area: 1,886,068
Rank: 173/174 countries
Score: 13/100



Sudan, Republic of the Sudan, is an Arab state in North Africa. The government of Sudan is built under the framework of federal presidential representative democratic republic. It has troubled relations with many of its neighboring countries and the international community. Sudan is considered to be one of the fastest growing nations according to economy due to its oil fields. However, the country loses most of its oil and economy due to public sector corruption and the government fails to any action against the culprits.


5) Myanmar



Capital: Naypyidaw
Area: 676,578 square kilometers
Rank: 172/174 countries
Score: 15/100



Myanmar, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. The country is governed by a presidential republic with a bicameral legislature. It has strained relations with the Western nations. Burma is rated as a highly corrupt nation. It is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, lacks proper skilled force and has decades of mismanagement and isolation.


6) Uzbekistan



Capital: Tashkent
Area: 447,400
Rank: 170/174 countries
Score: 17/100



Uzbekistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, is the only doubly landlocked country in Central Asia. Its economy relies on commodity production. The people and government of the country are so used to of bribery that corruption has now been deeply rooted in the system. Lack of transparency and an intractable elite makes the end of corruption impossible for the country.


7) Turkmenistan



Capital: Ashgabat
Area: 491,210 square kilometers
Rank: 170/174 countries
Score: 17/100



Turkmenistan is one of the Turkic states in Central Asia. Its government operates as a single party state. The legal system of Turkmenistan tends to be very poor which makes the country highly vulnerable to public sector corruption. Everything and all the ownership rights are owned by the government and that further undermines the already fragile rule of law. Hence, the country ranks number 7th in the list of most corrupt countries in the world.


8) Iraq



Capital: Baghdad
Area: 438,317 square kilometers

Rank: 169/174 countries
Score: 18/100



Iraq, Republic of Iraq, is a Central Asian country. The federal government of Iraq, according to the current constitution is defined as a democratic federal parliamentary Islamic Republic. It has been a victim of war against terror initiated by US. In spite of being one of the major oil producers, it still lacks oil refineries and gas stations which is the main cause of corruption in Iraq. The government fails to decrease corruption from the country due to foreign intruders and domination.

9) Venezuela



Capital: Caracus
Area: 916,445 square kilometers
Rank: 165/174 countries
Score: 19/100



Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country on the northern coast of South America. It is a federal presidential republic and is among the most urbanized countries in Latin America. The discovery of large amounts of oil led the country towards corruption as that oil came to be known as ‘the Devil’s excrement’.


10) Haiti



Capital: Port-au-Prince
Area: 27,750 square kilometers
Rank: 165/174
Score: 19/100



Haiti, Republic of Haiti, is a Caribbean country and a discovery of Columbus. The country has a semi-presidential government. Its weak infrastructure makes it to be considered as a fifth world country. It is the poorest country of Western Hemisphere and has a vacuum government.

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  1. Hi Dear Yusra Adil,
    Good List of Corrupted Countries. But i wondered to see that you have not included ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’ in the list..it is good to see that there are more corrupted nations than Us.
    With Regards.

    • Hi Gurjit,
      Yes, indeed. Pakistan and India are still in a better state. You can check out the Corruption Perception Index for further details.


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