How to Make Money By writing Short Stories Online?

Writing-Money“Starving writers are not great business people and great business people are often poor writers”. Not everybody knows the tactic to play with words and those who know it often lack the opportunity to live it long. Why do you need to write? Why telling stories when you don’t have time to believe or listen? Stories don’t always mean a piece of friction fantastic words, having happy endings, there are thousands of ways a story works in life. It’s you who decide how to let it influence you.

Revolutions are made initially on pages and then the battle began which finally bring a change! If you have been secretly working on a theme make a difference, through your obscure stories, then you definitely worth a bit out of it. Writing short, motivational, emotional, inspiring stories which has potential to bring a change, is not an easy task, do not hesitate to share it online because not everyone is good at exploring and manipulating words that could touch your soul.

Writing and Money?

There is a great potential in earning by writing stories and there were few sites helping you to spread an idea, word, inspiration and a theme of being different but luckily now after thousands of entries on the search engine about earning via writing stories, has forced the keen observers to finally bring you the optimistic sites where you can earn with your heart touching short stories. Some of the sites listed for your convenience are:


It invites short story submissions from hopeful writers and the hope for patron is you.  It has an estimated worth of $947 USD and is a SEO friendly site. Authors can download stories, fans can vote about them and you will get paid easily.


It is an online magazine that publish short fiction stories where one great short story mailed to subscribers every three week and one of the best stories of your could find place in Pushcart prize or you may found your story in One of the Best American Short Stories top 100.


There are potential clients looking for people like you who can produce the best stories for them and you will be made on you winning bid. Once you get your hands into a projext surely he is going to come back to you for further writings, enjoy long last earning over short stories.


Write, create and condense stories. Publish your stories and get subscribers, later those subscribers will buy short stories from you through email.


It is one of the online magazines where you can publish your stories and develop repute. Once people will start loving and get addicted they will subscribe through it and later you can email short stories to them on subscription charges.


Write, take part in contest, and help in maintaining the magazine and you will be paid online, this works again via subscription method.


Write a post here, people will scribe and it works exactly the same way as mostly website works.

Other Alternatives


Though you will be earning slow initially but it’s like growing a tree the better you provide nutrition and more frequently the better it grows with time and finally one day it start giving countless fruits. Do not bound yourself to a single genre, your skills should skims the edge of one genre than another, this way it will help you get involve into many sites and you could generate revenue.

It’s fun writing what fantasies you, so enjoy writing but if people loving it you could enjoy the revenue.


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