5 Mistakes to Avoid in Freelancing in Pakistan

mistakes to avoid in freelancingFreelancing is becoming the easiest way to earn your livings, no matter wherever you are situated in. There are people I know who are earning up to Millions a month just through their freelancing work but again, freelancing is often misjudged and taken way too casually by newbies. If you are living in Pakistan and feel like making freelance as your primary business, there are certain things you need to take care of.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid in freelancing especially when you are located in Pakistan.

1) Never bid too high!

Ever tried finding tuitions in your city? If yes, then you would know that the fee that is offered to you is related to the location where your potential client is situated in. Similarly, If you are bidding for a proposal, always remember that you will be having competitors from developed countries like Australia, Canada, France, etc., whereas, you will have a Pakistani identity, telling your client that you belong to a developing country. What happens most of the time is, Pakistani freelancers bid too high that the client event do not give a look to their proposals.

Always try to maintain a balance between the lowest and the highest amount been offered by the client.

2) Aim What you can do

Aiming high is a wonderful thing, yet sometimes it leads to disappointment only. When you decide to make money with a freelance website, you need to make sure first that what are actually your aims and once you figure them out, try focusing on them only. I have been observing few of my friends who are trying hard to make money through freelancing is that they actually want to get their hands on every next opportunity they see on freelancing sites. It is to be remembered that a single person cannot be equally good at everything, so forget about everything and focus on something you are really good at.

3) Always meet deadlines.

Commitment is the only principle that is been followed throughout the world when it comes to doing a business via an online platform. Your commitment of delivering your work is the only key to success in your freelancing career. Once you fail doing so, your freelancing business might reach its end forever in worst cases. There is a client feedback attached to your profile which is been filled by your client once the contract is completed. Your client mentions everything about you there, your good and your bad part equally.

Being a member of a country where deadlines are just assumed to be just a date on paper, the citizens here are often not serious about its significance globally.

Try meeting your deadlines always to earn the trust of your clients and opportunities to get the same client back again in future.

4) Brand yourself creatively

Branding of a product or a service is highly important in every business. How about a freelance writer whose profile is full of spelling mistakes or his proposals has a bulk of grammatical mistakes? Obviously, this would lead in losing opportunities. Make sure that your description, your virtual attitude and your language must compliment to your skills.

5) Bidding for offers that do not support your country’s policies

If you have been freelancing for some time then you must know what it means all. There are some international clients, who only pay their contractors through PayPal for example, and the service is not available in few countries and Pakistan is one of them. The clients clearly mention most of the time about the payment mechanism and once you know that it is not a valid option for you, it is seriously useless to waste your time and energy asking that client about any alternative that he offers.

Freelancing is a vast field where there is no end of making money once you know how to play it safe. All you need to do is to keep a check on mistakes to avoid in freelancing.

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  1. I remember once I suffered this, buut now they seem a bit more basic to me, a freelacner needs a lot of skills like a blogger, effective communication powers , even bids are article though made on a template but still creativity is necessary , I am working as an adsense expert years Now. and it is a really fine profession, you get money at home

  2. What about those newbies that send a proposal in the crowd of people, for instance if I find a project of my caliber, there are more than 70 proposal’s. How one could make his proposal stand out, from rest of the peoples?

  3. Thank you for this. It really helped. I am guilty of about each one of those. I do have one question. How do you get good client relations back after you miss deadlines?

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