3 Mistakes That Stop Your Proposal to be Selected in Freelancing!

mistake1Once you register yourself as a freelancer on freelancing sites, you need to make a proposal to get the job offers. There is no doubt that your Proposals are the first formal contact with your potential client. It’s your Proposal that (if proposal is well-built enough) makes you look like a strong candidate for the job. This is your first impression on your client and you really need to make it as qualified, as proficient, as convincing to make you deserving for the job.

However, when you start up as a freelancer, there are chances that initially many proposals of yours will be rejected. Now you need to know why these proposals do not turn out to be a productive one.

Here are some common mistakes that people usually do in building up an ideal proposal and that make them suffer. With these mentioned suggestion, you can improve and enhance your freelancing career and make good money online.

It’s all too Common – Nothing Special!

I don’t know why but there are a lot of people who do not take online business seriously. They are often in a hurry and want to get rid of such formalities, ignoring the importance of an effective proposal. What they do is, they reuse their previous proposals, editing the company’s name, date, project description, price and that’s all! Ask yourself the worth of such proposals and imagine your worth, in front of your clients then! Such too easy to produce proposals take around 15 minutes, however, you need to understand, you have even wasted them too as they are good for nothing!


There is no harm in consulting your previous proposals, as there is no point in re-writing the common things, but be creative! Customize the important parts of the proposal, making it special and specific for a particular job, focusing on a unique problem of your client. This increases your weightage and chances for your selection are doubled!

Details, More than needed – a mess!

do not deserve a jobThere is a misconception I have seen in many of my friends who are freelancers, they love to write, which is a good thing, but they love to write a little too much! Think generally, if you ask someone, his name, and he answers you, “hello, my name is xyz pqr, I love to talk, I live in xyz and I m ……” you will repent why did you even ask his name. This has happened with me many times and I truly hate this. Such things ultimately leave a negative impact of the person.

Same is the case with some freelancers; they want to write all, everything in one Proposal, never reading it again to take out the unwanted, extra stuff they have included in their proposals.


Always remember, your clients are busy men, they make decisions quicker than you edit your previous templates of proposal, and you need to impress your clients in one look they would have on your proposals which is not possible in too lengthy, never ending descriptive proposals.too much detailed

To be accurate, if your proposals are occupying more than 4 or 5 pages, you need to edit it. You need to review each proposal, keeping the goal that you and your potential client would both be satisfied at. If you feel after rereading that all the mentioned details are important to be included, give a summary by the end, giving all milestones in points.


Failure in offering a Solution – clients find you Useless!

Too obvious, too common mistake that people usually do, is that all their focus is on highlighting themselves, forgetting the client’s requirement. Your proposals are actually taken as a solution to your client’s requirement. When they go through your proposals, they search something that can be beneficial for them. Always remember that your client do not want to know how great articles you write, what wonderful personality you have, they need to know how their business will be facilitated with your capabilities.


find-a-solutionSpend some time understanding what the hit points of your clients are. I.e. think of the points which will help you cater client’s problems. Research on the nature of problem and decide about some useful strategies that might reduce your clients’ issues, giving you superiority over other candidates. You need to tailor your proposals to the problem of the clients.


Life is all about learning, and success totally depends on how quick you correct your mistakes. Hope, you find these solutions interesting one.

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