20 Mistakes to avoid in Freelancing!

freelancing mistakes to avoidFreelancing is a risky business, no doubts about it and if you are a freelancer then it is important for you to understand that there are certain things you really need to avoid in  freelancing career. It is to be remembered that the earnings highly depend on your smartness that how actually you tackle the ups and downs of the business to get a hold of consistent clients.

Here are 20 Mistakes that you should  avoid as a freelancer, Have a look!

1)Fantasy of big money

Falling under the shadow of dollars for your honest and dedicated work is nothing but fooling yourself at times. There are numerous examples of free lancers who lost their prestige and status for just a mere amount of more dollars leaving them with nothing but regret.

2)Fail to meet a deal in writing

Of course science needs proofs to accept logic and so is law needs deals in written to follow. When deals are done on verbal basis or on emails then there is a slight chance of greed from the client’s end when there is end of bargain. So always get things in proper writing in agreement form.

3)Tax and bankruptcy

Freelancing if done religiously leads to a really good fortune and with great money come huge taxes. Freelancer, unprepared for the taxes, spends flawlessly on luxurious items that leave them in jeopardized condition of personal bankruptcy. It’s always better to save some for rainy days.

4)Not knowing your worth

Never do it for free something your good at. At times freelancers are seen charging really low to the amount of potential and skills they posses and that is the time client makes use of this situation to his advantage. Always survey the market let yourself know your worth and how much a client should be charged by you.

5)Time is money

Life is too short to even regret. Clients don’t give much space when things go out of hands from freelancer’s hands specially when dealing with deadlines. No matter how favorite freelancer you are to a client but if not meeting his deadlines then he is no more favorite to a client.

6)Do not call for help

Sharing is caring, the phenomenon forgotten by most of the freelancers. A person at times needs to concentrate on one project rather just trying to be present in every situation. It’s time to say, ‘I need help!’ to stop chaos.

7)Mistakes done over and over.

Learning from mistake is called experience. A human is defined as a puppet of mistakes however they reduce with time if done some realization and learning from them. Freelancer’s skill is also seen in the frequent mistakes they make and the amount of experience they earn out of it.

8)Letting free resources go waste

Internet is full of surprises and knowledge. One can only imagine the amount of knowledge the internet clouds contains or the help a freelancer can get out of it. Whether it’s about writing, researching or making a bomb everything is available on internet; you just need to be tactful.

9)Wrong partner

Solo freelancing is always preferred but it’s a true nature gift when a freelancer has a partner too. However the burning question is to pick the right partner or else you will be left with nothing but regret and sorrow.

10)Always saying ‘yes`

It’s not healthy to think all the time to make your clients happy by your presence into anything they wish for. Sometimes freelancers say yes to really odd things that they realize can’t be done by them only when they are out of time and the deal they said yes to. Think before you speak.

11)Being lazy

‘I got a whole day tomorrow, I can do it later’, a common excuse we made every day and at the end we lose the deadlines. Tomorrow never comes, a freelancer need to live in today! Or else someone is desperate to replace you.

12)No focus

Every job and every task that you are up to needs to be focused and reviewed by you. Freelancers at times fails to apply very basic methodology required by the task given to them and the only reason one could judge is the lack of focus by a freelancer into his job.

13)Work for more money

Freelancing seems to be a job done as side business which can be true to some extent but not always. Many freelancer who took it as part time job ends up with full time freelancing however this messes up in the end as the intentions still remains same by the freelancer to continue the work as part-time.

14)Client Relationships

Its really important to maintain strong ties with your client as a freelancer so that in case your mistakes or any lacking that a freelancer have usually doesn’t count as a big mistake by his client. A healthy relation is always needed in any profession so that to keep things in forward and smooth pace.


When you initially start as a freelancer you hardly understand, that you need to built a reputation and produce your own brand name, and for that you need to give a thought to your online image and do your homework to add your references, samples and resume, which you normally don’t and so ended up losing a potential client.

15)Be polite to get a client

It’s not bad to be kind, polite and listing to your boss humbly all because he pay you and you need work, sometimes you don’t realize you are charging too-low for a work that never seems ending all because you want a long term agreement with your client but unfortunately when you didn’t match the deadlines you actually ruined everything. It could mean losing a client too! Charge according to the worth!

16)Don’t promise

Learn a rule, ‘Never to Promise’. Naïve freelancers never know what is easy and what is not. They are happy when they got their client start promising that they’ll complete a project without having a clue how long will it take to them. Unless you have done it before never do over-committing

17)Good daddy Girl

A very common believe to get a client by a naïve freelancer is to say yes to every term of a client. Don’t forget he is not the only client exist in the world! You need to consider, sometimes clients are wrong but boss never say I’m wrong you need to learn to say “NO”. Saying ‘No’ is not rude, its saving you from troubles.

17)Redundant info.

A freelancer strongly believes he is going to get paid on words! The reality is he is going to get paid on quality! Naïve freelancers gave away too much information that has excessive repetition that won’t only easily cross the deadlines but it will eat away you hours to complete a simple project. Be efficient by being concise.

18)Not related to topic

Most of the freelancers concern about number of words despite it is describing the topic or not! The common mistake majority loves to do is to quickly start working so they can finish it quickly. Remember take a pause, understand your topic and then start working, definitely you will end with an acceptable assignment efficiently.

19)Part-time job

You failed because you were working to get extra bucks pocketed to get along with friends more frequently, so you were never focus, serious or worked ever to improve, thus you end up loosing clients. Be serious in what you do, or stay chill, let a deserving candidate to get a client.

20)No savings

Like clouds never stay, same way clients don’t stay, you don’t save and that becomes a big problem when you need money but you don’t have a client.


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