Microsoft Office 2013: What are the new features?

ms office 2013 whats newIt was long awaited to hear from Microsoft about their latest creativity after the Craze of Windows 8 Consumer preview, which is now slowly coming to an end. There is no doubt that after Microsoft Windows, its Office that is responsible for Microsoft’s popularity. MS Office 2013 is now launched in to the market after the huge success of its 2010 version. Just like Windows 8, its consumer preview is now available, followed by an official launch of the product later this year.

It is important to first know about the upgraded features of this suite so that it becomes easier for you to decide whether to replace your Office 2007 or Office 2010 with this or not.

What’s New on Ms Word 2013

As a matter of fact it’s Ms Word of Office that has been ruling the hearts of the users since a long time. You can survive without Excel or Power point for two days but Word has become mandatory in our lives. I have been loving it the most whether it was Word 2000, 2005, 2007, 2010 or now 2013!

word 2013 added features

– More or less a similar user interface has been offered in Word 2013

– You will find the application focusing on cloud services, allowing the mobility of your word documents.

– You can now concentrate on your word document only without getting distracted with your taskbar notifications by completely losing site of the task tray.

– Read your Documents without opening them in editing mode with “Read Mode”, making reading easier with dynamic scrolling.

– Now edit your PDF files

– Embed Videos to your Word Document

– Present your documents via Microsoft’s Lync service.

– Simple and User Friendly Layout

What’s New on Excel 2013?

When it comes to processing data, Excel is the only choice. I recently attended a session on Excel Tutorial that was all related to business management. It was concluded that Excel 2010 had so much to explore that it was really difficult to get a hold on all the functionalities. Now imagine the power of excel 2013.

excel 2013 added functionailities

– Give an appealing look to your charts with Quick Analysis Lens

– Automatic completion of words, sensing what you are about to type and do the rest of the work, saving your time-and-energy!

– An easy, new touch to the mail merge facility

– Quick formatting analyzer

– Quick addition of spark lines

– Easy creation of charts, enhanced tables, etc with newly introduced tools

– Store your spreadsheets, present them online with skydrive

What’s New on PowerPoint 2013

Although not a very big change is evident in the PowerPoint 2013 when compared with the last version, yet Microsoft has tried its best to add some changes to it, making it sound happening for the users.

powerpoint 2013

– Make your Presentations more reliable with full Integrated Cloud support

– Widescreen support to enhance the presentation view

– Add videos and images in your presentations much quickly

– Added Slide show transitions

– Present the slides much safely with “read mode” during a presentation.

What’s New on Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook is one of the tools that are used more or less in every organization if not by private users. With 2013, things get simpler in Outlook.

– Clean and User friendly interface

– Strong focus on calendar functionality

– Good synchronization with your Google App Account, hotmail, etc.

– One of the core apps of Office, Outlook also gets a refresh ready for 2013 with a new cleaner interface and new features.

Above All, What Makes Office 2013 special?

microsoft cloud skydrive

If we study the latest trend Microsoft has adopted, we will see that it aims to provide a centralized management of data that can be accessed from anywhere throughout the world. There is no doubt about the popularity of Google and Apple for their online data storage policies, and Microsoft is smart enough to notice that. With cloud services, you can now store your documents, presentations, spreadsheets.

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