Reasons Why Microsoft Improved Windows 8 Interface- Latest Update!

Windows-8-Consumer-PreviewWindows 8 has again taken up the market with its latest reveal of updating the Metro User interface which has already proved as one of the most controversial upgrade in Windows 8, making it completely different from all previous versions of Microsoft Windows. The consumer Preview which was released few months back has got a mixed feedback from the consumers where some of them appreciated the new look, at the same time it turned out to a hassle for people having less operating skills.

Taking a serious notice of the feedbacks, Windows 8 Interface has been a subject to some changes, making it more users friendly and ensuring to keep the interests of the users in it. The news of this improvement leaked out last night and since then people have kept their fingers crossed to know more about it.

This post will focus on two aspects to make it clear why and what has actually improved in Windows 8.

No More Aero Glass View


One of the most appreciated features of Windows 7 was its Aero Glass View which gave an exceptional view of dark text with a cloudy “blur” texture behind it to make their text readable. The feature has been removed from Windows 8 because of the emerging compatibility issues ending the square edges. Now there will be a clean and crispy view without the Aero Glass blur Taskbars.

The Colorful Background

Realizing the satisfaction that windows 7 earned from its users, Microsoft is trying to ensure to preserve all the great features of Windows 7, providing the maximum compatibility with existing programs. The colorful Windows 8 Metro Style User Interface having white text on saturated Background will now be switched to black text on light colored combinations as it was in windows 7.

windows 8 changed view

the Director of Program Management for the Windows 8 User Experience team, Mr. Jensen Harris made it clear on his blog saying:

“We made a conscious effort to relate the visual appearance of the Windows 8 desktop to the visual appearance of the familiar Windows 7 desktop. This helps people who want to predominantly use the desktop feel comfortable and immediately at home in the new environment.”

No More Changing Colors

If you go back to the time when you had the option of changing windows Color ( not themes) in Windows XP and Windows Vista, there used to arouse many compatibility issues when the color scheme used to change from light to dark in windows XP and vice versa in Windows Vista. Due to these reasons the color matching option is now no more available on Windows 8 Metro User interface, ensuring complete compatibility to the easy and clean interface design.

Ensuring Long Battery Life

Readers who have the experience of Windows 8 Consumer Preview might be knowing the battery consumption of this operating system is comparatively much greater than that of Windows 7. However, a window 8 has been specially design for devices that are portable and hence operates on external batteries. Considering this reason, Microsoft re focused on the algorithms and finally WinRT based applications emerged on screen. It will be an added feature to the upcoming developers’ preview of Windows 8. These WinRT based applications are programmed in a way that they know how to save their state. It terminates the program the moment it goes out of focus, leaving an impression on the user that it’s running at background. It resumes the program from the point where it was suspended the moment it is reopened. This has contributed a lot in conserving the battery for a longer use of this operating system.

Regular Desktop Still be Around…

windows 8 desktop

Although its Windows 8’s Metro touch interface that has brought considerable limelight to this new OS, Microsoft is intelligent enough to now support the Regular Desktop along with Metro UI believing on the importance of consumer will. Harris stated:

It is pretty straightforward. The desktop is there to run the millions of existing, powerful, familiar Windows programs that are designed for mouse and keyboard. Office. Visual Studio. Adobe Photoshop. AutoCAD. Lightroom. This software is widely-used, feature-rich, and powers the bulk of the work people do on the PC today. Bringing it forward (along with the metaphors such as manual discrete window sizing and overlapping placement) is a huge benefit when compared to tablets without these features or programs. It is an explicit design goal of Windows 8 to bring this software forward, run it better than in any previous version of Windows, and to provide the best environment possible for these products as they evolve into the future as well.

It has been good news for the Windows 7 lovers that Microsoft has started thinking on adding features that were appreciated by consumers in Windows 7. However the Absence of Aero Glass in Windows 8 has saddened many consumers too. The real picture will come into sight once the Windows 8 next Preview appears.


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