45 Digital Media Resources you Should not Miss in 2013

social resource updatesKeeping yourself updated with every single thing happening around you is an important task especially when you are affiliated with a business that requires you to be sharp and well-informed about the latest happenings in the world, whether it be in the field of marketing, social networking, technology, or in short, anything. Here are 45 interesting facts that you must know. Have a look!


1) 10 Essential Accessories for Your iPad Mini

From hand grip design leather grip to JBL On Beat Venue Lightning working without any adapter, you all find all essential and accessory kit.

2) 10 Top Cases for Your Nook HD+

Save and protect your glossy shiny 9-inch screen with the best cases for your Nook HD+.

3) The ‘Clueless’ Closet Is Real, and You Can Own It ­

Explore and shop from the gadget world.

4) 4 Work Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

Capture your invisible mistakes which are holding you to be the best employ.

5) Does Gamification Help Classroom Learning?

Learn through fun, it’s important to realize it, read it, and think over it.

6) These 11 Apps Will Supercharge Your Personal Life

It’s time for your smart phones to make your life easy, click here and check it out the formula of supercharge life.

7) Organize All Your Digital Documents in One Place With ‘doo’

Finally put your all documents at one side and manage them easily, go through it, it’s actually pretty amazing.


8) 30% of Top Brands Have Customer Service Twitter Handles

You got a new plan to start, get started advertising with twitter because here where you will find top brand.

9) 4 Steps to Landing an Interview With a Startup

Get your job done by the tips to stand out from the noise.

10) How Google+ Can Boost Your Business

Read, evaluate, analyze and follow the results Google follow to increase the search ranking. Follow the techniques and help booster your business.

11) How GoPro Created a Billion Dollar Empire

It doubles your sale.

12) Mobile Ads Coming to Tumblr

Check out the cool mobile apps uploaded for you.

13) 4 Ways Publishers Can Optimize for Facebook’s New News Feed

News Feeds are helping you be more efficient, cleaner and customize your Facebook for greater exposure, read the tips to follow.

14) How to Pitch Your Startup in 3 Minutes

Rober Scoble, the tech blogger, is explaining that how to make your ideas resonate.

15) Pandora’s CEO Is Stepping Down

Finally Joe Kennedy, after 10 years, is leaving the chair to be succeeded by another CEO.

16) Toasting Success With Warby Parker Co-Founder Neil Blumenthal

Read through the interesting conversation between Adam Ostow and Blumenthal over milestones and why network shouldn’t be the dirty world.

17) What Facebook’s New News Feed Means for Marketers

Getting difficult to control the home page on Facebook, read, control and filter your news feeds.

18) Make Better Presentations With the Instagram for Pitch Decks

Making presentation was never been fun, now it is! Check it out.


19) 3D Printing Coming to Vending Machine Near You

It’s time for 3D presentations to take over.

20) Facebook Unveils a Radically Redesigned News Feed

Checkout the cleaner, simple and filtered feeds, Facebook New News Feeds.

21) 8 Essential Apps For SXSWi Attendees

Your SXSWi is finally going to run on the smooth tract with these apps.

22) Here’s Why You Should Work at Home For 90 Days

A new thesis, proving, the more you stay at home the productive you become unless you don’t forget what you got to do.

23) You Will Fail at SimCity, and Love Every Minute of It.

Discovery of new features for SimCity lovers.


24) Create Moving Comics With MotionArtist ­

Smith Micro has made it possible to set alive your moving photos, comic strips etc, check it out how.

25) Intuitive Weather App Is Lovely and Free

A new dimension to weather forecasting by free wonderful app, check it out its feature.

26) Cooking App Picks the Perfect Spices for Your Meal

New taste and spices are going to walk in your kitchen once you will knew how magically wonderful they add taste to your meal. The app is walking out of Cincinnati man’s grandmother kitchen. Explore the sense of being outstanding.

27) Free Music App Brings Top YouTube Songs to Your iPhone

No more struggling to download the video when this app could get you get going all on your way.

28) How Hubble Snaps Those Amazing Space Images

Hubble is the scientific eye revolving around the earth, get connected and be part of solving great mysteries.

29) Attention Pet Owners: You Need These 3 Apps

The best app walks out of New York’s Grand hotel and hackathon are Best idea (Local Sitter), Best Implimentation (Ones&Twos) and Best over all (KittyBalls).

30) Dita Von Teese Debuts 3D-Printed Dress

The innovated, and stunning 3D printed dress of the style icon Dita Von Teese. In could be soon landing in your collection.

31) Boost Your iPad’s Sound Quality With This Amplifier

Finally here is an app that is redirecting the sound which is in front of your iPad. Enjoy the better music.

32) Social App MavenSay Wants To Be BFF for Recommendations

Trust the recommendations of this app and enjoy eating at better places with prices.

33) Thirst Analyzes RSS Feeds to Determine What’s Hot

A picture of twitter, and making it easy-to-read way by organizing tweets by topic via this app.

34) Banjo Helps You Track Events Around The Globe, Including SXSW

Check what is happening in your immediate circle and around the world just by accessing the Banjo.

35) MessageMe Brings Rich Media and Context to Mobile Messaging

Enjoy the new dimension of sending more than messages from your cell.

36) Free App Magically Turns Your iPhone Pics Into Videos

It’s time for your pictures to tell a story.

37) Hinge Helps You Find Dates Based On Your Mutual Friends

Find friends and make new friends from your mutual friends on Facebook.

38) 20 Stunning Responsive WordPress Themes

The adaptable marvelous WordPress screen resolutions has given a new dimensions to screens and mobile.


39) Facebook Gets Simpler, More Complicated

Filter Feeds for the first, manage who can occupy the space in your news feeds.

40) Twitter Killing TweetDeck for iPhone and Android

Finally twitter is shutting it down to focus on the web based version!

41) Hands On With the New Facebook

Shift to a better and cleaner version, where finally managing the home page dream is coming true.

42) How to Get the New Facebook News Feed ASAP

It marvelous features is making it irresistible, check out how to get your hands on to it.

43) Is Facebook the New Google+?

Is Facebook mimicking or invented its own style?

44) Facebook Patent Charges Users to Remove Ads From Profiles

Get hands on Paid Profile Personalization and ride the chain of your ads.

45) YouTube One Channel Now Open for Everyone

Check out the new designs that has been open up for everyone.

All for now, please feel free to add if I missed some,


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  1. Regarding my own lifestyle 😛 I always need a laptop and smartphone to keep my self updated, and for writing down important things I always use some sort of content syncing application like sNote etc. Digital things has always helped me a lot to be organized in different ways possible! Rest studies is also something which should be kept in update 😛 and social media? eeh.. Sometimes I feel kinda bored with all these sites like FB. G+ etc.. Talking about tech is my favourite subject and experimenting new things is one of the best parts to be practised… 😛 Woo.. Long comment 😛 Please don’t think it an article at your site 😀 It’s just a comment LOL

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