Maximizing Your Earnings At Squidoo!

maximize your earningsSquidoo is all about making money. ‘Earning money online’ is a hot topic all around the world, and people want to discover more and more earning channels. In a previous post, we looked at some of the ways you could earn money with Squidoo. Well, now we’ll discuss how to actually go about it.

Squidoo is a content publishing network where you, as a lensmaster (author / writer), create a lens, much like a blog post. You can then monetize your lenses with either ads, or affiliate links etc (as we discussed in an earlier post).

Like I say time and again, there’s no fast way of earning online. And Squidoo is no exception. However, you sure are guaranteed an income at Squidoo, however much that may be. And if you follow our tips, you can squeeze more out of your lenses! So let’s get started!

Become a Giant Squid!

become a giant squidSo the first thing to do is, create some lenses. The more, the better! Your immediate aim should be to become a Giant Squid. A Giant Squid (in Squidoo terminology) is someone who has created at least 50 lenses. And I think you’ll earn decently only when you are Giant Squid. Sure you can earn revenue otherwise as well. But the best strategy would be to focus on creating more lenses, and then moving on to making money

Focus your lenses!

As I have come to realise, a Squidoo lens that isn’t focused isn’t much use. Neither is any other kind of lens for that matter :P. Focus in this context refers to focusing on a particular topic. Your lenses must not be too broad. You won’t get much sales that way, as you will have a lot of competition. Focus on a particular topic, or a particular aspect of the topic.

focus your lenses

For example, let’s say you want to write about a latest gadget, say the new iPad. If you just write about the iPad as a latest gadget, you will have a lot of competition. So your lens might not get visitors. What you can do is, focus on a particular aspect of the iPad, like what’s new, advantages for buyers, any problems, etc. You can create various lenses on each of these sub-topics, and link them together. This would increase your viewership by many times


Always interlinkWhether you are writing blog posts or creating lenses on Squidoo, interlinking is an essential part of your content. You should firstly interlink your lenses amongst themselves, so that you retain your visitors. The visitor is not going to browse through your profile and look at your lenses (well, most won’t anyway). So you should provide maximum of your content at a mouse-click’s disposal.

You should also link to external sources and websites. Belonging to another site build up your credibility. It also increases your viewers by a good amount, hence more sales and more revenue.

Write Keyword-rich content

keywordsIf you have been online for any amount of time, you will know the significance of keywords in the online words. Keywords are what people enter while searching for something. So it’s important that you write content that is rich in keywords. You headings and subheadings, especially, should be keyword rich. And then, try to do the same for content that is near towards the top.

Make it interactive!

Add media to your lenses, like pictures, videos etc. Also interact with your audience through various means. Adopt a writing style that addresses them directly. All miscellaneous stuff on your lens like a poll etc. This will ensure that visitors stick longer to your pages, which will ultimately result in an increase in revenue.

That’s it for this post. If you have any more tips to share, then by all means, please go ahead! See you all in the next post 🙂

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