Mawra Hocane- Qualification and Success Facts

Mawra Hocane Success FactsTalent is what that never stays back at home but finds its way to where it can really exhibits its existence. Talking specifically about the Pakistani Entertainment industry, it is amazing to find that the new generation is doing great in terms of versatility and talent, both at the same time. We did shared a complete research of Shameen Obaid’s Success story soon she won the second Oscar, and we are here again with something with a similar theme. Mawra Hocane is one of the leading celebrities of Pakistan who is doing pretty well for her talent not only in Pakistan but now in the neighboring country too. Let us now share a bit more her.

Who is Mawra?

Mawra Hocane also known as Mawra Hussain is a famous Pakistani VJ, actress, model and fashion icon. She initiated her career as a VJ only but later she came up with many of her talents and started successfully acting in TV drama serials. Though her career started only a few years back but now she is one of the top actresses of Pakistan and is being offered many Indian films as well among which her debut is going to be Sanam Teri Kasam opposite Harshvardan Rane.

Qualification of Mawra Hocane

Qualification of Mawra Hocane

Though Mawra Hocane was born in Karachi but she used to live in Islamabad where her entire family was residing. It was in Islamabad that she completed her pre medical education from Bahria College. She is currently taking her education and is studying as an LLB student at the University College of Islamabad. She is the younger sister of Urwa Hocane who is also working in Pakistani film and drama industry and making her name a huge success.

Other success facts of Mawra Hocane

success facts of Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane changed her surname from Hussain to Hocane while she was studying in seventh grade in order to give their name uniqueness. Later, her sister followed the same trend and now both of them have same spelling of their surnames in the showbiz industry. Mawra Hocane used to perform at different theaters as a theater artist before working as a VJ but later gained popularity through her work and performed in many Pakistani drama serials such as Aahista Aahista, Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si, Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare, Maryam, Mere Harjai, Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si, Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare, Mere Hazoor, Khichari Salsa, The Hostels, Love Ke Chucker Mein, Meri Wife Ke Liye, Country Love, Ghar Aae Mehman, Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain, Papa Razi, Shadi Mubarak, Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai, Main Gunehgar Nahi, Halki Si Khalish, Bilo, Hello Aur Bhayya, Main Bushra and Shareek-e-Hayat.

Mawra Hocane has done many interviews and in all of them she says she has seen much fame in life but all of that fame is making her very happy. According to her, she likes Brad Pitt and Salman Khan and loves to listen to music that suits her mood the best. She likes to read books in her extra times. She loves her parents and friends and wishes to spend time with them whenever she is not working. Besides numerous TV dramas, she has also done several endorsements and modeling projects alongside live walking on the ramp. For her brilliant work, she has been nominated for many awards and honorary titles. Most importantly she was nominated for the best actress in HUM TV award for the year of 2013. Due to its nomination it is clearly clear that her acting is persistent and out of this world and in a very short period of time she gains an unusual fame. She is also starring in many Bollywood movies which no doubt will prove to be a milestone for her career.

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