Interesting Way of Making Money with Payoneer in 2013

Make money with payoneerNow this is what we call luck with an exciting deal. Have you ever heard about getting paid over sending and receiving money? Definitely an article is worth reading ahead now because if you are not living with your family this can be your jackpot. How many of you have to end up a career of freelance all because you can’t own a PayPal, for sure more than expected but now here is the solution for them too with the same exciting deal. What a deal? Load only $100 on your prepaid MasterCard and get rewarded more than you could imagine!

What is Payoneer?

The internet based financial services company, which was founded in New York in 2005, mainly focuses upon your electronic funds transfer in 210 countries. So if you are living in one of the places where PayPal do not exist you can still cash your money by transferring it to Payoneer. The business is a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard worldwide, so you can easily transfer and receive money through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card.

How can you earn here?

Now here is a reason to check upon it in detail because you can make a lot of money via the Payoneer Refer a friend program. I have heard you say, “ huh..great now here is one more affiliate program to cope up with” but this is not an ordinary one where you will be getting a few bucks in commission, here you will get big money. Follow the easy steps on the roads of money making.

1) Sign up- Sign up for free and the first thing you got to do is to ask for your free MasterCard debit card delivery to your homes.

2) Look for Payoneer Affiliate Login button- it’s the one on the right side, just click over it and you will receive your affiliate link which is going to share with your friends.

3) Wait for this message to appear- One of your referral has just approved for a Payoneer account and now you are 1 step closer to your reward. Sit back and enjoy enrolling of $25 as a reward when your referral made up to $100. Now here is the exciting factor, both of you are going to get $25! You will get it because you refer him and he/she will get it because they made up to that. Isn’t it exciting!

4)Other exciting ways to make money over it- You can also earn the reward if somehow you can get $100 in your card either through transfer from some other account or by self loading the card but remember card to card transfer to get the reward, it is a fraud, so this is not acceptable. If you are a freelancer it’s a great opportunity to transfer your all money from Moneybookers and PayPal to Payoneer and cash it through your debit card with the reward.

Once the card is being issued to you, you will be official family member of the company and can grow its size be referring it to your mates and on each confirm successful referral you earn $25. Payoneer since its inception have tried its best to fill the loop holes created or existed in other internet based financial companies and so far have proved to be worth trying it till now. Its long journey ahead to beat the giants like PayPal, Moneybookers and odesk.

Best wishes.