What Makes Imran Khan and PTI So Popular

Introduction.jpgIf you have been into the Pakistani politics lately, you might have been wondering who Imran Khan really is, this writeup may help you to clarify your ideas about the stance of this cricketer-turnes-politician and his policies.

Lets have a look on what makes Imran Khan and PTI so popular!


Introduction What Makes Imran Khan and PTI So Popular

Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf commonly known as PTI is a famous political party of Pakistan that is known for its mainstream, pro-independence and communitarian aspects. The founder of this political party is none other than the former Pakistani cricket captain and philanthropist Imran Khan. PTI is known for their movements against the corrupt and indecipherable politics in Pakistan and its aim is the advocating of the democratic and modern model of Islamic democratic welfare state which is why it is one of the leading political parties of Pakistan and has more than ten million members currently serving the nation.

Approach towards the Motives

Approach towards the Motives What Makes Imran Khan and PTI So Popular

The agenda of the PTI is majorly about articulating as well as spelling out the vision of a modern and new Islamic republic where the welfares of an individual person gets encouraged through the cooperation of the party and Imran Khan. The major aims and foals of PTI are to make Pakistan better in terms of political permanence, social synchronization, and economic richness for all spiritual, cultural and racial societies. Imran khan is morally inspired by the work and opinions of Mohammad Iqbal and it’s his dedication towards his party and people that millions of people in Pakistan have shown their interest to act against the energy catastrophe, inflation, and social pressures and are wanting alternatives for better and prosperous future. One of the major aims of PTI is formation of a resilient answerability and anti-corruption system in the country as well.

Hard work

Hard work What Makes Imran Khan and PTI So Popular

PTI has its own policies when it comes to education, politics, defense and society and this is the main reasons why this party has worked immensely for the social, economic, and political reformations in Pakistan. During their leadership in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa they have presented a balanced and tax free system for the people, finance Minister Siraj ul Haq presented Rs 344 billion budget in the provincial assembly session making the commands of the new taxes valueless. It is because of their hard efforts that a striking amount of Rs 118 billion has been apportioned for the ADP, 30% of total spending for education to 102 billion rupees while Rs 1.97 billion for promotion of technical education and manpower training have also been managed plus Rs 22.80 billion have been earmarked for health sector, Rs 23.78 billion for police, Rs 3.12 billion for Irrigation and Rs 2.91 billion for agriculture.