25 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free – Part1

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Social media has always taken up the internet market in its control, yesterday, it was orkut, today its Facebook, and tomorrow, its all Twitter!

Twitter is really a powerful tool for online social networking, It promotes your online work and helps you to know people in the  internet world around you. in order to maximize the use of twitter,all you need is to bring followers on the site. By having more people following you, there’s more probability that  will get to know about you! your interests and activities become popular amongst the people who are following you.

Although in Pakistan Twitter failed to establish a huge market, yet, each of us know what position twitter holds in the internet world! Here are some ways to increase your followers on twitter, and I’m sure they will help you out! This may take a little more time but by the end you will have all what you want.

Here are 15 ways out of  top 25,through which you will learn how to gain more followers for your twitter!

1. Promote Retweeting

Do you have any idea about retweets? Well, retwitting push your username into social graphs and that, obviously results in bringing clicks for your profile. Make sure that you let your followers know what retweeting is, and ask them to like your retweets. By using Retweetist, you can have a track of your retweets too.

2. Make an incredible profile!

Just like facebook, or any other social media, your profile plays the real role. You should fill out the recommended bio at the first place, don’t forget that your Bio is your identity that tells about you. Moreover your bio is visible to people on Twitter’s Suggested Users Page. An empty or ambiguous bio discourages people to interact with you at the very first place.

3. Link up!

PROMOTE YOUR PROFILEIt’s ok to have a few followers on tweet IF AND ONLY IF, you have a good number of followers elsewhere, because in that case, bringing your followers to your tweet is not a big deal. For that, you need to link yourself up. This actually means that you may link it up on other social Medias like facebook, blogs, etc..

4. Use your passion and skills, attract people!

There are people who judge you indirectly through your content. Trust me on that. So to attract people towards your twitter, tweet about your passions in life and hash tag them. Let me remind you again that it requires a quality content to encourage people to add you.

5. Get a life!speak twitter!

Your twitter needs to be kept alive in the physical world as well. Talk about it verbally to people you meet, present slides and can also mention it on your business cards. That appeals to the people who genuinely want to stay in touch with you at any cost, and twitter can be used as a platform.

6. Love pictures? Use pictures!

Think, what’s the most eye catching material for you on facebook or anywhere else? The pictures! Right? Same is the case here, take pictures, upload them and you will see how that boosts up your fan following. Pictures are heavily retweeted.this is mainly because this keeps the followers bounded as well as entertained.For mobile pictures you may use iPhones apps as Tweetie or Twitterific.SHARE PICTURES ON TWITTER!

7. Initiate people

Give them some reason, some attraction to join you, you can launch a campaign or start a contest even making your twitter happening.

8. Pay Attention to the appealing content

You need to have some searching exercises here now. Search on people having a good amount of followers, concentrate and observe what content they are providing in their bio. Learn from their strategies and try to follow them as well, keeping the actual you in mind too.

9. Stay in touch

Continuous touch with those who are actually following you encourage others to be friends with you too. Reply and stay involved in things consistently .jump in conversions. Show people you are alive.

10. Utilize twitter

I must say TwitterCounter can solve your problem in having track on your results. It will let you know how many new users you are adding per day and Qwitter will mail you when someone un follows you after a tweet. (something that is not offered by facebook till now to its users.)

11. Find and Add existing Contacts, using Twitter’s tools

i use twitterTo gain a considerable amount of followers, you must first approach your existing contacts. just like any newly born business, when you start something, you contact those whom you know initially.apply that methodology here as well.they will follow you if you follow them.all you need is to search your friends and add them. you may also send an email to each of those people asking them to follow you on twitter.

12.Twitter in  email signature.

an effective way to attract and influence people you know or might know to follow you on twitter, is to add your twitter information in your email signature. now whenever you email anyone, they’ll see that they can follow you on Twitter.

email signature

13. Blog about Twitter

if you own a blog or a website, mention there about  your availability on twitter. this will encourage your already following traffic to explore the other happenings about you.

14. Twitter widget on your website

you can also show others what you’re Twittering by adding the Twitter widget to your site or blog. such widgets encourage the readers to check out about your activities.

15.Improve your page.

looks always matter.try to work on the outlook of your profile, like you can customize Twitter with a better background, avatar and bio info. the more you will work on your page looks, the more likely people will follow you.work on profile


see the following clip about how to increase your followers on Twitter too.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM4WoegcfR0&hl=en&hd=1]
learn how to increase followers on twitter.

Do share your success stories after implementing the above stated points!

Have fun,

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