How to Make Multiple Timelines on Twitter?

No more exploring the entire Twitter to follow your favorite TV show to collect the best tweets! You can now custom the timelines, allowing people to find the latest information, tweets and pieces of favorites about fast moving real- time situations or their favorite TV shows- are just few of the manipulated words of Brian Ellin, the product manager for the twitter platform. Mentioning clearly the intention of an exciting move, launched couple of days ago, that puts the newly Public company straightaway in Storify’s territory.

The Move

The move is not completely ambiguous to its TweetDeck user who are able to create custom columns for the last two years. What has change is that those columns are now portable! The timeline will be full by Embeddable, just as Storify’s are. All what you need is TweetDeck in order to custom the timelines but those who do not have it yet, no need to be sad, keep reading because Twitter will be rolling the option out to everyone over the next few days, so gear up and learn to customize.

Make multiple timelines on Twitter

Create it, name it, choose and share the best tweets you want to add either by hand or programmatically using API and surface what you believe to be the most noteworthy about an event or topic which takes off on twitter. It has a unique permalink page so feel free to share and shuffle, embed them to your websites and let give everyone a place to follow a long. Follow the steps to create your own timeline.

1)TweetDeck Users Create New Custom Timeline

create and describe your timeline

The TweetDeck tool kit now offers a new edition! Create your new custom timeline by adding a new column of type ‘Custom timeline”, which you can do that by clicking the add icon, “+”. Or if you already have one, you can introduce them as columns.

2)Choose, Drag and Drop

chose-drag and drop the noteworthy tweets

It’s very easy to do unless you are sure what you have to add. Pick your tweet- whether you like it or not- if it is regarding your topic, you better add it. Once you have a custom timeline a “move icon” is visible on tweets. Drag the move icon and drop it on the custom timeline column that you would like to upgrade.

If dragging and dropping isn’t your type and it’s taking too long you can add it to custom timeline by clicking “Add to custom timeline…” action in the more action menu, or simply press shortcut “C” select the custom timeline where you want it to landed and enjoy the tweet at its right place.

If you think the tweet isn’t the one you actually drive, then simply click on “X” icon in the tweet to remove it.

3)Share Your Custom Timeline

Share it from the share menu in column option. Expand the column options for custom timeline to access the share menu.

4)Embed the Custom Timeline on Your Web Site.

embedd your custom timeline

The options under the share mention to embed it into a website. Introduce links in it to generate and create an embedded custom timeline.

5)Share it

share with other users and let them to follow the tailored topic

Share it by using a new Tweetdeck move that makes it easy to share, by creating a new tweet that contain a link to custom timeline. You can also choose to view the page for the custom timelines and share it using any tool of your choice.

6)Access Custom Timeline

access your custom timeline

You don’t have to scroll all the way to find custom timelines if you are not part of it. You can access it from other Tweeter users through their profile cards in TweetDeck. From there it is easy to add any of those custom timelines as a column in you TweetDeck.


Though users are excited, but Tweeter has gone beyond expectations and has been creating tools like Storify, allowing users to compile content from everywhere on any site. So will it stand the stiff competition in the area of organizing tweets. Besides it has taken a smart step to increase its visibility by embedding it across the web to attract new users.

The product is till obviously very early on its development, but should be interesting to see where it goes from here.

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