Delicious Ways to Make Money With Instagram Photos Online

Make Money With Instagram Photos OnlineLearning photography and taking extra lessons to start your photography career is no more a difficult task. With new gadgets and digital cameras, anyone, who can afford a DSLR, can turn into a photographer in no time. What it needs all is a good spirit and some interest in colors, nature and emotions. Smart Earning Methods has always shared great ideas for the photographers to excel in their career by making more money online and here is another tool that you can enjoy to make money with Instagram photos online.

Instagram is an online photo sharing platform which earned its real market value after Facebook purchased it lately. There are about more than 30 million users currently who are getting facilitated by earning considerable amount through posting quality videos and photos on Instagram. Therefore, if you are a photographer and want to make some more dollars online apart from your Facebook brand pages and websites, instagram can be of great help.

Start a free business with Stock Photo Options

Instagram offers an ease of starting a healthy business by providing leverage to its potential users who can take an initial start from anywhere without investing much.

stock photo pants

Stockphoto is a service free of investments where you can add your photos daily into your stockphotopants records. With a free membership, you can also decide the licensing type and choose prices for your photos. Moreover, you are the sole owner of all your profits and receive them through PayPal.

Photo business with plusgram

make money with plusgram

With a commission up to 25% been charged on the business you do, you can still expect a better business from plusgram. Consider yourself as a seller here who will have his own account to sell photos. At the end of the month, you will receive an automatic invoice for the commissions. It is an easy platform for making money.

Sell printed products

make money with Instaprints

In addition to stock photo models that have been adopted on photo platforms for Instagram, some companies are taking the printed photo route where sellers create art through posters or retail items as in mugs or greeting cards, or sell their printed photos on canvas or as framed photos. The price for these items is higher where Instaprints has a base price for the merchandise and the seller increases the price which makes their profit. Instaprints is an arm of Instagram so integration of the two is instantaneous.

Become a service provider with Printstagram


With an online market that has been established by now, photographers are no more limited to capturing pictures only but are also earning smart by creating professional stuff which includes customized T-shirts, Mugs, Caps, etc. Printstagram lets you enhance your services by getting y0u customers who are in need of such stuff see your work and place their orders.

So you see that instagram can provide a further extension to your photography business.

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