Simple Ways to Make Money by Typing Online! – 2012


use keyboardWe have been talking about blogging, freelancing, article writings and much more but you need to understand that all of this requires a great deal of time investment which can sometimes be a little too much boring and exhausting. Let’s think about something much simpler. Think about you being paid for just using your keyboard, the thought is amazing itself. Isn’t it?

Today I will reveal some astounding sites which make money making business extremely free for you. That is, you don’t have to pay a single buck to start it off. However, it’s a little harsh than I m explaining it as if you are planning to earn something considerable, all you need is to spend 2-3 hours on it and you will see the results of your hard work within a month.

1. is a site where the writers enjoy the most of the benefit. It offers a free signup. There is a writer Compensation Program where you can put in your Google Adsense information. is basically a site where you share your views and all the knowledge you have in a friendly manner. The more you stay active; the better will be the outcome for you. However, it’s important to maintain it clearly that don’t take it too lightly, yes, it’s easy, yes you make money with it, only and only if your written content is interesting unique and informative. Take it’s a community where it’s two-way traffic in terms of knowledge.


next comes to the Get How 2s, although it’s new but as far as you have Google Adsense, you can use this one also. You need to write your content on the website and the best part is, you can use the same. The site ensures a good income for its member if the member is hard working enough to utilize the opportunity.




you can post your content on and can make money with it whenever you feel like. The site is somehow not user friendly and you need to play with it a little bit to get used to of it.



your written articles, contents, photos, videos, etc, always need promotions, which you can easily do by posting the links of your articles at Redgage. Now the interesting part is that you get paid for every click on your link.

Earning to meet for the livings was never too easy. This is the easiest and yet the simplest way to generate good revenue for you. No time or money investment is needed, but just some tricks and interesting content, with a will of making money.

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