Make money with Publisher Daily-motion videos!

make money dailymotionsHere is the deal, you post your relevant video from 25 million video galleries to enhance your content on your website, blog or page and it will create a new source of revenue for you, get instant revenue share from in-stream advertising.

There are a lot ways to generate revenue through ads and probably you are generating good amount then the question arises, why do you still need to check Dailymotion Publisher? Not every blog or a site is as popular as The Huffington Post or, you might be the sole owner, running a silent ghost blog which is completely anonymous to your friends. It’s time to switch and adopt a tactic to drag a traffic because with the traffic comes the revenue but ultimate issue is how to drag a traffic! Realize, you are lacking a major component that is attraction, and by sharing videos you are making your content ARTTRACTIVE and ultimately enjoy the bonus from the in-stream advertising.

Can anyone generate revenue through video sharing?

Video sharing is unlimited, everyone is lucky and anyone can export videos from but only members can earn a percentage of generated revenue from pre-roll, overlay, mid-roll or post-roll advertisements.

How to get started?

Three easy steps, DISCOVER, SHARE, EARN, can change the number of your monthly home posted bucks forever. Browse through its library and find the best, relevant and a good video for your social page site or blog. Then use simple tools to easily introduce that video to your content, and finally stay back, relax and watch your revenue growth if you are able to send them invoice for payment but remember you must state all of your URLS of your latest or old Dailymotion videos when signing up to the program because if your syndication key is found on URLs that team has not validate, then you will be excluded from the agreement and you won’t get paid because you won’t get track.

Dailymotion Publisher is a smart way to generate revenue but to be more smarter you need to check whether the video you are uploading has ads in it or not. If no ads appear in them you won’t earn incremental revenues of them however you can still embedded them to enrich your content.

Get started

Fill out the registration form, hold on! Your account might be review in preview mode that is because it hasn’t been confirm by them, once you done with validation enjoy sharing with your syndication key and you can track your revenue by log into your account and go to the Dashboard and Revenue reporting section and be happy

There are a lot of ways to generate money online; you just need to be smart and curious to know tactics to earn via different techniques. Looking forward to see if anybody is generating revenues through it, please feel free to share your comments.


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  1. Thanks Nida for sharing this useful information, I have been using YouTube Partnership program to monetize my videos, I think I need to give this a try too.

  2. I use to upload my videos in but now onward’s i will try with daily-motion and thanks for share these information with us.

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