14 Ways to Make Money as a Portrait Photographer!

money and portrait photographyPortrait photography is an art pursued by many across the World. This kind of photography showcases the mood and personality a person or a group of people. Portrait photographs have captured the limelight especially by depicting the plight of the people, but somehow or the other many aspiring portrait photographers are unable to make handsome amount of money. In this article we will look at some of the innovative ways of turning around your business.

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1. Following up on your clients:

Many photographers simply take photographs of their clients and bid farewell to them. This will never make you a success story in the industry. You need to follow up on your clients through e-mails with attachments of your work.

2. Using local sporting events:

You can use the local football league as one way of making money. You just need to contact the authorities of the league and pay them a few bucks so that you are allowed to take shots of the kids playing soccer. You then need to send these pictures to parents of these kids to get future orders.

3. Get in touch with local magazines:

You should start building your contacts with the local magazines which are always in need of photographs. You can sell them your photos for a reasonable price and earn some extra bucks.

4. Don’t just sit around free:

There are moments when your studio is not being used for a shoot and you are just sitting idle. You need to use this opportunity to make money by contacting your clients for photo shoots during that time and offer them a substantial discount to attract them.

5. Piling up photographs:

You cannot just waste your precious photography equipment because of lack of clients. You need to get up and start shooting models in your studio. Upload these pictures on sites like Fotolia which is better than sitting idle.

6. Find a second shooter:

Many a times photographers require a helping hand during wedding ceremonies etc. You can find a second shooter from a group of new pros looking for work. This can really help you during weddings and stuff and make your service more efficient.

7. Offer free prints for referrals:

Photographers usually ask their clients to refer them to their friends and family. But you should go one step further by giving free prints to the clients of some of their photographs which they can give to their friends and family. Also you can take e-mails of those people and contact them personally.

8. Anticipating your client’s next shoot:

People turn to photographers on special occasions like Christmas, anniversaries etc. Here you need to hand out coupons to your clients for a possible future opportunity of a photo shoot like Christmas etc.

9. Throw a party:

Like sales people who throw parties and attract clients, you can also invite your friends to a party at your place and take some clicks of them. If they get impressed, you may well end up with some work.

10. Prepare for holidays in advance:

You need to prepare for the Christmas by taking a friend’s family out a month or two before Christmas. Do a nice photo shoot with minimum cost and ask them to upload these pics on a social media site. This is bound to attract more customers.

11. Short photo shoots:

Your clients may not want to spend time and money on long photo shoots on every special occasion. You can attract them by offering them short and low cost sessions on these occasions.

12. Designing cards and announcements for special occasions:

As a photographer you need to give your clients that little bit extra on their special occasions. If you take photograph of them for Christmas, then design a Christmas card for them as well.

13. Taking photographs for the future:

You can take pregnancy photographs to be hanged on baby’s first shower. This can be done with wedding and engagements as well.

14. Get started:

If you have finished reading this article, it is time for you to start implementing these ideas.


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