How to Make Money Playing the Glyph Market?

warcraftReaching 12 million subscriptions worldwide, the game, World of Warcraft, definitely do not needs an introduction. With every series of Warcraft, as each game proceeded the story line of the previous game, there are always new extensions and features to improve the game play, this time in Warcraft III, glyph market is one of the new systems introduced to the land of Azeroth. There is an often asked question “What is the best gold making profession in the game?” Glyph market is the answer.

What is Glyph Market

No doubt it is one of the complicated gold making market but since the inception of glyph and it’s market the supply demand chain became never ending when the glyphs were put on sale. It has become a young man’s game From expensive till the cheap ones all become favorites and you readily find a buyer for it only if you have presented your product with finest cuts and appropriate money. It has been proven to make money by easy path for scribes at the moment. One cannot simply avoid this expensive process as on attaining level of 25 and with difference of same levels three glyphs are meant to be bought by a new player every time leaving him with no choice.

Glyphs which make more money on server

Here are a few that sell for a good price and really high volume.

death Knight

Death Knight:

  1. Howling Blast
  2. Dancing Rune Weapon
  3. Raise Dead
  4. Unholy Blight
  5. Death and Decay
  6. Obliterate


  1. Barkskin
  2. Swiftmend


  1. Explosive shots
  2. Kill shots
  3. Feign Death


  1. Ice barrier
  2. Arcane Blast
  3. Living Bomb
  4. Molten Armor
  5. Fire Ball


  1. Water Breathing
  2. Stoneclaw Totem

Crash of Glyph Market

A market crash is rare but common everywhere in the world when the human race compete against each other in terms of products and shares they posses. One can’t simply just give away a frightful price of their product to someone else without putting some effort and fight against that seller and for all of this situation a collective effort is made intentionally or unintentionally by the seller for crashing the market by bringing it so low that gold is sold for the price of copper.

The Good News

While all the way to top of the glyph selling you got benefit in two ways:

· You make large amounts of gold selling glyphs

· You get the joy of putting a boot to the face of any upcoming glyph competitor who may become a threat to you because somebody is always making gold on your server.

Tips to earn more gold on Glyph

1) Consistency of seller

The sellers need to show the patience at its best and for this consistency and continuous bond with the market is always needed at all time. One doesn’t simply sell all the glyphs but the chances of selling 3 out of hundred by the same person is very thin because the market is really huge with all the types of seller available on this planet earth. If your glyph competes against 20 to 30, consider yourself powerless at the moment however your chances are very bold and strong when the number cuts down to just two to three in competition and that is the  moment of accomplishment you can feel in anticipation.

2)Right price for a glyph

The price is independent on demand. The most useful and demanded glyphs are not always to be expensive but most expensive glyphs tends to be those that are hardest for scribes to make.

3)Cancel and re-posting your glyph

If you are not re-posting your glyph often almost none of them will sell.

4)Show dedication

You should be ready to be patient, spend lots of time, creativity, crafting and have to constantly defend your turf from competitors.

5)Keep glyph in stock

You do not have to sell all glyphs if prices fluctuates wildly. Craft your old items and sell them later with a profit.

6)Use Inscription as a profession

Hardly you will find people making gold from glyphs by using inception as a profession and glyphs have lost their huge demand. You will be surprised to know that it’s currently the best profession to make gold.

7)Download TSM

The moment you enter auction house you will see the new tab mentioning TSM. Use the info from the auction house to see what to craft, now this is the phase where most of scribes leave the house because it seems like too much work, whereas it isn’t if you do it properly and it’s quite easy if you know how to use TSM, so get some tuition over TSM.

Have a happy journey with gold making.

Best wishes,