Secrets To Make More Money with PeopleString!

peoplestringIt will not be shocking if I say that almost 90% of the internet users are using social media on daily basis. In the era when life seems impossible without Facebook, twitter and Google+, money making business is at its peak too. Recognizing the importance of these two factors, i.e. the social media and making money online, peoplestring, a social media site was launched in September 2009 to make online money making easier and interesting for the social media users.

What is PeopleString?


PeopleString pays you to do the stuff you are already doing online. Imagine if you get paid for reading emails, receiving the advertising mail, Referring people to the site, taking surveys and being active on website, what else one wants. And with people string you can make it possible. You get points for your activities that you perform in a month, and by its end these points are converted into money. You can withdraw your money with PayPal but as PayPal’s services aren’t available in few countries, just like in Pakistan, You can use Alertpay, check or wire transfer. Here, it’s important to mention that the minimum payout is 25 Dollars; this means that you need enough points from your activities to meet up the minimum requirement at least. 100 points are equal to $1. So you need 2500 points in a month, which you will see, is a way too easy!

How to Make Money with PeopleString?

Once you sign up for PeopleString, which is completely FREE, you get $0.10 as a starting balance. All you need is to recruit people in your “string”. You can use Facebook and email few friends to achieve this. The more people that joined PeopleString via you, the more the money you will make. You get $0.50 per recruit. So if you succeeded in getting 25 people (you can ask your friends to join it and make money too) you can easily make $12.50.

Making money was never so easy, PeoplePoints system resets every 6 hours. Starting from 12noon. You can do the following tasks every 6 hours to accumulate 200 PeoplePoints per day.
You get:

10 Points for logging in your account in every 12 hours!
10 Points for Clicking on one of the shopping categories;
10 Points for clicking on the mailbox-cashbox link;
10 Points for opening your PeopleString email;
10 Points for using the search bar to search for something.

I have personally experienced these points and you can see that refreshing your page. Every activity of yours is making money for you!

Once you sign up and start exploring thins, increasing your points, you will soon get_paidreceive 2-3 mails/day and for reading them and entering the stated codes, that will generate $0.30 to $3 per mail. As an average, you can make $4 a day.
Not only this, you will get a 5% share of the revenue generated by your friends that you added in “string” and whatever they earn, that will generate you 5% of it too!
With a little more hard work and time you can make up to $100 a month! Amazing!

Start up Tips for New Members

1) Once sign up, you will get a verification link in your email by PeopleString, click on it
2) fill out 30 survey questions under the Mail-Box Cash-Box.
3) You will receive your amount via Alertpay, so if you don’t have one, create an AlertPay account. Sign-Up !.
4) You need to link your AlertPay email to PeopleString. Click Mailbox Cashbox and select AlertPay option and enter your AlertPay email.
5) Return to PeopleString home page.
6) Connect your Facebook with PeopleString and use it from there.

7) Connect your Twitter.

8) Search whatever you want from the Google search option that is available on your PeopleStrings page.

Get your Money with AlertPay!

It’s a pity that many of the people find this online business more like a scam and are not availing the best ways to make money by utilizing their free slots. It’s true that in Pakistan, there have been many frauds recorded and we did talk about them too, but you don’t need to worry here! Its all free! And once your current earnings reach $25 or more it will be sent to your AlertPay account on the 1st day of the Month. Click on the TOOLS icon and refer to the MY EARNINGS status to see you’re current, lifetime, and pending earnings.


encash your AlertPay in the Pakistan!

After the end of month, you will have to wait 3-4 weeks to get the money in your address. Once you’ve got your check, you can encash your check in your nearest money changers accepting international dollar checks.

Do try this one out Share your experiences about PeopleString, never hold back yourself from trying new things, because taking measured risks in life, is the key to success!

All the Best,

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  2. Does Alertpay Support Indian Bank Account. How? If Yes How To Withdraw To Indian Currency
    Thanks In Advance For Your Help

  3. Very nice summary, Nida. I’ll agree that PeopleString isn’t a scam but I’m wondering how you’re generating $4/day from your own activities. I haven’t seen that type of revenue from my own efforts.

  4. Hii I want to know whether you received your payment or not?
    I just signed up for this people string
    I can easily make $25 in 2-3 days but I want to know whether its legit or scam???

  5. I signed two years ago and only returned this week to join.
    I press the groups, but a separate page opens that the domain for sale and the same thing by blog
    I’m trying to import my Email people and not connected and do not know what the reason.
    I’d be happy if you have an answer for me and thanks.

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