10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online in 2013!

make money online 2013Making money online is turning into the most effective source to earn the livings. These days when the working conditions of the physical world are getting miserable, the most easiest and safest options to make money lies within your laptop/machine. What you really need to understand is the fact that no matter which way you choose, you have to work accordingly, giving your best in the field you think you are good at.

Few people who aren’t  the naïve users of internet or lack the professional skills, often assume that online earnings are only for those who have a technical knowledge of web designing, computer skills, etc, However, If you explore the authentic sources, you will see that you can earn a great deal with any talent that you own. Here are 10 creative ways to make money through your internet connections in 2013!

1)Sell Stock Photography

There could be nothing more fascinating than trapping every possible image or memory in camera. The passion together with talent brought the fabulous snaps that deserve an eminent frame. With the growth of online media the number of commercial and media outlets has increased dramatically which in turn increases the appetite for high quality stock photos. Yuri Arcurs is the most dominant and prominent face who is selling an image every 8 second that makes about 4 million photos every year. If you have potential to trap what others cannot see think about selling your images online.

2)Tweet For Sponsors

It’s time to earn by tweeting! It is really simple uses Sponsored Tweets.com to do advertising but this time you have a complete hold on number of words, choose a category, type of key words and amount you want to get paid for every tweet by sponsors and advertisers. The advertisers will contact you by themselves it is unlike freelancing where you agree on their demands. In the entire process the tweeter has complete control over her or his account, they may choose to accept or reject a tweet.

3)Blog For Revenues

If you are already blogging and it is going perfect, tracking a major traffic everyday than here is a tip to receive extra bugs from your blogs. Ad networks such as Google Ad Sense pay big money to place their ads on your site so with every click on adds by your follower is going to get you some extra buck. Use the popularity of your blog and use it to leverage your readers into hard cash.

4)Sell Affiliate Products

sale affiliate products

One of the fairways of earning money online is through selling affiliate products of different countries on different website. An example of such website is Amazon where people can sell the affiliated product by advertising it and earn handsomely through that channel. Other examples of such sites include OLX and eBay.

5)Write an eBook

What could be more fortunate for a writer than to escape publishing, printing, socializing his book by getting drown in debts before it reach market. Recently the internet is flooded with self-publishing where sites like Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble’s and Kobo promoting you to sell and publish your eBooks with commission rates of around 70% available on every sale. If you think you are good in storytelling and writing that fall into mystery and thriller genre, than you hold a positive potential to make handsome money as about 62% of eBooks sales fell into this category.

6)Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Looking for ways to earn at home? It’s a perfect job for you if you are an owner of bold communication skills and personality. Many small businesses need to hire full time assistants to look and manage things for them but luckily not many people afford to give time. You can simply earn around $20 per hour just for fixing minor details like booking travel tickets, dealing with daily needs of business and interacting with clients on their behalf.

7)Lease Your Skills

It’s a time to explore what’s with in you. Everyone owns a talent that carries a market value they just need chance to explore and use it to make money. Freelancer and iWriter, 99Designs, Ezine, Elance allows you to discover you either as writer, designer, translator or coder. Give it a shot with sincere hard work and for sure you could find yourself earning comfortable bucks.

8)Selling on eBay

selling on ebay

It is time to let go the wanted from your homes and garage. eBay is a great place to turn your unwanted things into some extra bucks. You could sell craft base things made at your home or factory and selling it to the customers worldwide. eBay is not only a place to sell away old stuff but you can also buy things in bulk, that are available on whole sale prices and start a small business by selling them at your local stores. It is a good way to make some profit.

9)Become a Mobile App Tester

app tester

Due to the increasing competition between different cell phone companies ,software and mobile application development has been an increasing source of earning. But not everyone can develop a mobile application. An easier way of earning is to use the mobile applications again and again and check for any bugs that might be present in the software and then report it to the company. An added advantage would be the fact that you can rectify the defect.

10) Designing T-Shirts

Design t-shirts

If you think you got a pretty good taste and sense of designing t-shirts, then do not hesitate to give it a shot and release your t-shirt designs either by contacting distributers such as threadless.com, designbyhumans.com or upload your design on your online shops at CafePress and sell them. If your designs attract users, than get ready for party, because enormous profit is on its way.

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