How To Make Exciting Money With Neobux-strategy?

neobuxWhat do you look first while looking for a job, especially when it is an online job? No doubts, the one which offers more money and less time taken. Here the deal is quite different, you getting paid later while you sit back and enjoy do nothing, but it’s a game of patience. Getting richer over night with paid to click site might sound like a dream come true. Let’s keep aside the richer part but you can earn significant money up to $300 per month in pretty less time.

Here is all about you need to know about how to make exciting money with Neobux!

What’s the deal?

It’s simple, log in and click on view advertisements and enjoy $0.01 in your account. Though it sounds quite ridiculous that the multimillionaire site, which has over billions of ads to display in seven different languages simply pays you nothing, and that’s where you decide to quite, the biggest mistake you ever do, and the funny thing is you won’t regret because you didn’t knew what you lost. So here is the plan to save you, your money and your time, follow the simple strategy to enjoy exciting money.

1)How to get started?

All what you have to do initially is to sign up for free and sneak upon the toolbars at the top of your home page, that tells you your balance and when new ads display, remember being naïve to the site you will daily HAVE to view four ads per day to stick to the strategy and earn 4 cents per day. Remember, you need to be patient, but till when? It’s only a matter of complicated couple of weeks, approx. 15 days for you to run smoothly.

2)How to boost Income?

The first two weeks might piss you off and you leave while you are on edge of ease, a lot of people quite at this point and guess what, this is where the fun begins! Once you got 60 cent, you can rent three referrals and with each click they made, you will get half of a cent. In short if your each referral is doing four clicks per day you will make around 6 cents per day without doing anything and when you done with your homework of four ads, you will have a net balance of 10 cents/day. And then when you have in total 6 referrals you will get 16 cents then following week you will have enough money to rent 5 more, so when you will have 11 referrals working for you, you will be enrolling 26 cents/day and so on, interesting right!

3)Time to upgrade, but why?

You have spend enough of your weeks working with rented referrals, giving them away 30 cents/month it’s time you are looking for some profit and want your money to get double. Once you got 300 rented referrals working under you, you don’t have to hire more referrals, it’s time to evolve! All what you got to do is to save money. 300 referrals, each making four clicks per day, costing $0.005 to you will give you $6 per day and it will take about approximately 15 days to save $90 to turn Golden! Here is the magic, your income before turning golden was $6/day with 300 referrals and now you will get $12/day with same 300 referrals. The magic portion works on clicks. Initially your per click by your referral cost you $0.005 now it has evolve into $0.10! The ultimate account with over 4000 referrals can make over $500/month. Enjoy breeding money.

4)How can you get more referrals without giving away the money?

You just have to open your wings to get direct referrals, they work exactly the same way the only difference is you will get the commission and the best part is you don’t have to pay them anything. So basically it’s just one time hard work and enjoys the rest of your life

5)What are other ways of earning on Neobux other than clicking?

There are a lot more you can do now if you can’t find referrals, you can get paid by referring to people, do mini-jobs online like finding a website using Bing and then report if you managed to find the correct site, you can get up to $0.10 this way, and enjoy the commission which you get every time your direct referral complete mini-jobs.

It’s not a scam neither it’s going to take your hours nor going to screw with your head to manage the big list of referrals, you can check upon few deals, like auto pay to referrals for free so you don’t have to care about payments.

Remember good things come to those who wait! Enjoy the easy way of earning.


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  1. Great tips, i am going to try it now, i just enter into the online earning world by starting my blog and from your all articles helped me a lot. You every tip is good. Please do posting such an article like you always do. Thank you once again for sharing such a good information about earning online.

  2. PTC sites are totally waste of time.. All rented referrals are bots and not real human beings.. One the one having a good number of direct referrals can earn a few bucks with PTC sites..

    • As I said brother, it is a slow process but it does pay something. I personally experienced neobux but could only earn some cents. The time it consumes is pretty less too anyway!

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