How To Make Money Simply By Playing Games?

GamingThe phrase “gaming is a waste of time” has been parents’ mantra ever since the first video game was released. Will someone please tell them now that it’s no longer true? Yes! Spending hours and hours on gaming now can do more than just wasting your time. It can earn you some money while at it! Games need to be tested before they can be released. You can be that tester. Ever since their first code is functional, game companies start testing it by hiring beta-testers. They have to find and sort of bug, glitch, logical error, graphic problem, crash, memory leak, and so on.

All these things can be crucial to any game, which is why big game companies such as EA, Infinity Ward, Microsoft, Nintendo and Ubisoft etc, spend millions of man-hours to develop and test games. They also hire people from the outside as testers, since it is a recommendation in the development industry that developers should not test a game or software. You can test games as well to make money. Hell, who wouldn’t say no to gaming when someone is paying you for it?

There are various departments within a game company, such as art, programming, audio, design, production, and so on. With so many people working behind a game, human error is inevitable. And anyway, no matter how skilled someone is, there is always room for improvement. No software or game is perfect. Which is why such companies hire testers from the outside. The advantage for them is, they don’t have to pay more to a regular tester. And it also gives other people an opportunity to earn money besides getting to know about quality assurance and game testing. They can work comfortably from home and do what they love.

What you’ll need to have

For game testing, you need to be proficient in gaming. You should have experience with console and PC gaming software and hardware. You also need to have a good, sound knowledge about multiplayer networking to set up online games. Besides, good verbal and written skills are recommended. If you have a computer programming background or a degree, then your chances will be a lot better.

Testing games isn’t like your ordinary gaming weekend. It may require you to play just one game at a time, rather than multiple games. You will have to fill in the hours provided to you by the company. As the game nears its launch, the hours will increase, and you might end up playing games for hours and days! Some people get bored, which is why this isn’t a job for everyone. But for other people, this could be their dream job!

Does it pay?

Indeed it does! If you have a related degree, such as in Computer Science, then you can look upon this as a full time job, with high, competitive salaries. But don’t worry if you don’t have a degree.  You can still earn some money, if not as much. It could be your part time job.

Websites where you can get game testing and similar jobs

There are many companies out there that offer game testing jobs. They are usually hard to find, and Google search for game testing jobs won’t return much fruitful results. Look for jobs on these websites instead.

Getting started

Sign up with any of these websites to get started. They work much like job boards. They post jobs that are available in many companies, and you have to apply. The best candidates will be picked. But since this is a relatively less known way of earning money, your chances are good.

Game testing isn’t as easy as playing a game. So maybe, it isn’t a job for every gamer. But for some passionate people, this could be the dream of their life! Once you gain experience, who knows? You might get a full time job? Just keep your hopes high and play away 🙂

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