Make Millions by Writing an e-book and Posting on Kindle

Make Millions by Writing an e-book and Posting on KindleYou might have written many featuring the brutal forensic artist killing softly with perfect pitch, brutal and adventurous twists and turns blended with just the right gems of mysteries – such positive comments make you fly in the air and start dreaming about being the next J.K Rowling, but the rejection knocks your confidence when you get a reply at the end of the positive review mentioning, “You are down, sorry to say but I can’t take the risk with a naive author with a new story’ , and there you go, not even a single penny over your weeks of sleepless night. However, as per the research we have made so far, you can make millions by writing an e-book and posting on Kindle.

Here is a solution to sell your book

What you need is to send your book out there to the people to read it and Kindle is the best place for you, a perfect opportunity to download and upload multiple titles and to sell what seemed like an unsalable novel. You don’t need to have a Kindle device to access over 650,000 titles you can download the app for free and read through iPad, iPhones, Mac and PCs. With the advent of e-publishing a new range of opportunities to writers who thought their dream of getting a book publish would never come true became possible.

What to do to earn millions?

Kindle is giving you the opportunity to set out your book to public to read and buy but hold on, it’s not easy though. There are over 700,000 authors e-publishing worldwide, so definitely you need to make your place rather publishing just plain awful book which is badly written, badly formatted, badly edited and full of mistakes, just rushing to get their work online. Frankly speaking most of such writers are wasting their time because no matter how cheap it is a badly written book isn’t going to sell.

So here are few jumps to get started smartly and earning millions through one book rather following Jack Higgins who didn’t achieve any real success until his 36th – The Eagle Has Landed

Jump 1- Think about the Genre

Don’t try to copy, write about your idea. Crime thrillers, mystery, paranormal romance and fantasy seems to work more on the Kindle.

Jump 2- Consider the length of your novel

The top e-publish authors and top sellers like, Saffi Griffiths and Mark Williams, who has sold over 100,000 in less than a year and Mark Edwards and Louise Voss who recently hit 90,000 e-books prefer to write short and quick reads. According to them 25,000 words are too long and people often lose interest in between. So better write a captivating short story.

Jump 3- Cover picture of your novel

A good cover is one of the most important secrets. A striking image in browser that should define what your book is about. Don’t try to design your own cover if you are planning for big money.

Jump 4- Write a captivating description before hitting upload

It’s your chance to sell your book, so make your 30-4000 characters compelling enough to increase the temptation to read further. Try to explore the smash words, which allow you to distribute your e-book to Sony reader stores, Apple iBookstore and Diesel eBook store. You can also detail about the plot, words warnings and first couple of paragraphs without disclosing the secret to try to tempt readers into the story.

Jump 5- The right price

When you are unknown to people your goal is to find readers, not to make money so the cheaper the book, the more it has chances to get readers.

Jump 6- Promote and create a brand

What’s most crucial at your point if you are naive to the world is to let them know that you have written something. You may have the world’s best book but if you can’t find a way to get it in front of an audience, nothing else matters. So the moment you save and hit upload it will take around 24 hours for your book to put on sale. By then you can promote on social networking sites like Facebook, Elance, Twitter and define your target audience that you are known would love your book. Create blogs and website to engage your readers.

Jump 7- Chances of striking rich

You got a great book in hand, with just right pricing, cover picture and your promote it every possible way, then what are your chances to be a millionaire? The great young adult paranormal romance author, Amanda Hocking, has sold over a million copies and charges approx. $2.99, so already she must have made over $1 million. You can give it a shot to!

Why to chose Kindle?

The conclusion of the survey revealed that Kindle readers purchase 3.3 times the number of the books sell at different places. Besides it has good royalty pricing, access to content through apps and has good number of readers, assuming someone over here will do it eventually.


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