8 Ways To Make Extra Money in Pakistan,- 2012

make money in asian countriesIn countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Sri Lanka, where the jobs are not only hard to find, but if you get one, there is a tough competition for you. The best option is to strengthen your income status by struggling to make some extra money as a part of your savings. Freelancing is an effective method, but not a reliable one. Continuing it with your regular job can turn out as hopeless as a nightmare. It’s a fact that the developing countries like mentioned above have got a lot of potential in them, but the only flaw is the lack of awareness. People desire to raise their earnings but never take any efficient measure to make it.

Here are the 8 ways in which you can generate a considerable amount of extra money from the following secondary sources of income.

Start with Family and Friends

friends and familyThe best advice and the best help is what you get from either your family or friends, until and unless you are not lucky enough to get an easy break. Discuss the thought with them and ask them to advice some quick gaining ideas. Being closer to you, they might know your strengths which you might not be familiar with. Discussing things always bring fruitful results. If any of them own a business, you can ask them to fit you in some kind of a part time.

Start with – expecting little

Sometimes you need some capital to be invested to start a set up. If you are not sure about the successful results then it’s better to start investing less. Things take time, stay relax.

Start a small business

smallAs discussed in point 2, starting with a low investment rate, you can always think of launching a small shop with cheap accessories or refreshments. The ROR is always a good one. If you have got some computer skills, and can afford to invest enough of your time, you can make money by writing surveys for companies

Market your mind

All of us have an X-factor, which is some time unknown. You need to find it at the first place. If you prefer to work from the comfort of your home, then consider opening up an account at Cafepress.com, where you can create T-shirts with art or witty expressions and then sell them through the site.

Talk and make money

talk and make moneyIf you have expertise in speaking, then there are many organizations can pay you for this talent of yours? Media here is the best choice. There are many broadcasting Radios that look forward to great speakers to conduct hourly shows on air. They pay you reasonable enough to double your existing savings.

Start tutoring

Giving tuitions and making money is an effective method, where you are certain about your income. It consumes time and a little fatigue too if you opt for giving home tuitions. But with time, the trend of tuitions is increasing and so are the opportunities for the tutors.

Creative- Sell your Creativity

There are Websites available such as etsy.com that allows you to sell your handmade jewelry, soap, cards or other items directly to new customers.

Buy a Domain- start your Blog

blogging and increasing your wealthBlogging is not only about writing, bloggers usually do not make money with their writing, but by often promoting their business or services effectively through their blogs. Just like MBT have widgets. All you need is to buy a domain and built your blog. Learning few tactics about blogging can bring you revenue beyond your imaginations.

These were some reliable ways to increase the revenue and slowly turning these small- scale businesses into a sole grand business and becoming rich.

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