How to Make Extra Money Online in Pakistan

work and moneyEver tried to enhance your earnings and explored how to make extra money online in Pakistan? If not, then you really need to rethink about your decision. Living in a country where you see no political stability, a frequent rise in prices every month or so, a single salary might meet your living essentials but leading a luxurious life can be a bit difficult. Moreover, while the country faces security issues every day, doing a part time job and coming late home is again an option, most people do not avail now. Keeping in view all these major factors in mind, here are some decent ways to make extra money online in Pakistan for students, housewives and people who want to enjoy some extra money online to raise their living standards.

1) Tutor online and make extra money

Thanks to the online platforms, you can now become a virtual teacher and share your knowledge with students internationally through Skype calling and video conferences. There are people I know who are making consistent money by first giving lectures in universities and then teaching online to students who are located in different countries and are getting paid for their time in dollars. All you need to do is to market your availability and manage your time table according to the time that suits all your potential students.

2) Make Extra money online by Filling Surveys

If you think you can fairly not manage a regular work after coming from your office, then getting signed up for websites and doing a small task for them is what that suits you the best. There are companies that want to take feedbacks regarding their products from their customers and these surveying companies distribute the task among the members who in return get a share of doing so. By conducting online surveys, you can surely make extra money online in Pakistan by working few hours only.

3) Create a Facebook Fan page

Creating a Facebook fan page and making money with it is one of the simplest ways to earn additional income. Facebook is undoubtedly, the biggest social media of the world, enjoying more than a billion of active users. You need to just learn few principles of attracting the audience and promoting your page and once you have decent audience at your page, you will see advertisers coming to you and offering a good amount to place their ads on your page. I have been managing some Facebook Fan pages lately and honestly, it is the easiest of all!

4) Write articles

Throughout my life, I have believed that a man who has the power of words will never sleep empty stomach and how true is that, if you know how to write, it is obvious that you can like on anything. There are thousands of well recognized sites like squidoo, ezinearticles, hubpages, etc. that pay their writers considerably large. Writing an article a day takes about 1-2 hours, depending on your creativity, domain of interest and typing speed and an average return per article is like $5, which is quite acceptable.

5) Start your own blog

There is no harm in actually trying your luck and sowing seeds for a better future. Blogging is an effective way to make money online and if you are looking forward to make extra money online then establishing a blog and trying to get it tuned is really a worth following option It is to be noted that an initial blog doesn’t pays you a penny but demands at least 3 hours a day, but once you learn how to blog and gather decent audience, you can always expect a good revenue that would be generated by your blog.

There is no harm in craving for more when you are actually ready to work hard accordingly too. Try following the above stated ways to make extra money online in Pakistan and make progress in your career.


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