What Made Teresa Heinz a Popular Business Woman?

Teresa Heinz successful business womanThe woman who has done her bachelors of Arts in Romance language was expected to be Goddess of love. She is the wife of current U.S. Secretary of States and former U.S. Senator John Kerry, it’s quite enough to make everything pretty easy for her and go smoothly over the coaster of success. Been born on 5th October, 1938 to the family descent from Italian and French beliefs, she is now known as one of the most successful business women of the world.

There is always a story behind a success, it could be the loss and winnings, compromises or sacrifices and sometimes it could be so simple that you wish that it could be you. Here is one that more for you.

Turning point in Teresa Heinz’s life

She did her bachelors of arts in romance language and later graduated from the school of translation and Interpretation at the University of Geneva, dreaming to be an interpreter in United Nations but things got changed when she married Henry John Heinz lll, a heir to the H. J. Heinz Company, manufacturing thousand of first class food products and marketing in over 200 countries, which is now owned by her after the death of her first husband in a plane crash. In February 2013 the company agreed to be purchased for $23 billion by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital.

Her Career

Teresa Heinz...

In1960, she did her Bachelors of Arts in Romance language from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, then in 1963, she graduated from the University of Geneva from the school of Translation and interpretation and then later she has received 12 honorary doctorial degrees from Clark University, Carnegie University, Drexel University, Beloit College, Bank Street College of education, Carlow university, Medical college of Pennsylvania, and many more. She was awarded the Gold Medal for Humanitarianism in 2003 and she is also on board of Selectors of Jefferson Awards for Public School.

What made her successful?

Teresa Heinz

Sometimes people are lucky that they don’t have to run after money and that’s exactly what had happened to her. She was married to the industrialist, upon his death she became the legal heir of the the multibillion company and being the trustee of Heinz family wealth she has turn into an overnight billionaire, later she got married to the Senator Kerry, who is wealthy in his own right.

Lessons from Teresa Heinz

Her life, quite smooth though, seems complete with a perfect husband and her children with multibillionaire company working at its best. Though there wasn’t the era of recession but there are keys to get success, and here are few for you to get hold on them.

· Never stopped learning, because it’s never enough, she received doctorial degrees in 12 subjects.

· She brought out the goodness from everything, giving away, helping people in anyway, donating over $60 million annually to nonprofit organization to help Pennsylvania thrive as whole community- economically to educationally.

· She cares about from community to air they breathe. She contributed to the many environmental programs, like those to eradicate lead poisoning.

· She encourages environmental research to promote healthy living and increasing society understands of environmental concerns and help people to proposed solutions.

Interesting Facts

Teresa Heinz kerry

· She can speak five languages! She is quite fluent in French, English, Spanish, Italian and her native language Portuguese.

· She is diagnosed with breast cancer and subjected to a new regime, receiving ABPI, a new way of delivering radiation.

· She is very straight forward person.

· The website for Alliance for Healthy Homes has praised her as one of the foremost advocates on children’s health and environmental issues.

· Since 1996 she hosted an annual “Women Health and the Environment “conference series.

· She Founded Teresa Heinz Scholarships, to encourage environmental research.

We hope that you liked our quick analysis over her life and must have founded something motivating.