What Made Junaid Jamshed the Richest Brand Owner in Pakistan?

The brand owner Junaid JamshedKeeping yourself in limelight and making a good use of your existence is an art which is limited to few people in the world and when it comes to the Pakistani high profile life, it demands much out of an individual. Being an Islamic state, Pakistan’s culture and its traditions have experienced a serious blow over the last 15 years of Media boom where entertainment industry has flourished at a pace unmatchable. Celebrities, who managed to keep themselves in news, are majorly the ones who enjoyed a good social and economic recognition and those who changed their path and launched themselves as scholars and businessmen, failed badly.

It can be interesting to question that while many Pakistani celebrities who switched their careers experienced a tough business ground, Junaid Jamshed continued to cash his talents in the shape of his clothing brand that we know as J., J.J, or Junaid Jamshed.

Ever thought what made Junaid Jamshed the richest brand owner in Pakistan? Was it his singing career or the Sufism he explored within his personality; his looks or his popularity among the youth of Pakistan? Let us have a critical analysis of the story.

Junaid Jamshed-as a Legendary Singer


How junaid jamshed embraced change

Junaid started his career in 1987 as a lead vocalist in Vital Signs. This musical band gained a rapid prominence and gathered a huge list of fans by early 90’s. Junaid Jamshed turned into a pop star and his songs started to rule the charts in no time. The band also played a vital role in promoting patriotism among the youth by giving some outstanding beats and lyrics for the nation that are still a part of Pakistani patriotic soul even after 25 years. Junaid, for his good looks became an icon for the audience who started to follow him gradually.

Junaid Jamshed former Pakistani singer

By the end of 2001, Junaid Jamshed managed to attract a huge fan following which loved him for his singing and overall personality.

Junaid Jamshed pakistani singer

The Ultimate Turn towards Divine


Junaid Jamshed - the Islamic men

Turning back to the Holy Divine, Junaid Jamshed surprised his fans when he proclaimed himself as a true Muslim by ending his singing career for the sake of Islam. He started taking scholarly trainings and soon reappeared on screen but with a new gesture. In 2005, he launched his first Scholarly rhymes (Hamd and Naat) in which he praised the Master of the World and His Prophet (pbuh). This can be considered as a turning point of his life where his music lovers were shocked with the news, while there was a group of youngster who missed his musical expertise; there were people who started following him for his services for Islam.

Junaid Jamshed as a Islamic Scholar

He conducted religious talk shows where he shared his experiences and the reason which motivated him to take this step. Junaid Jamshed was now more famous with new attire by the end of 2007.

The Marketing Strategy

Knowing that he has long list of followers in both of the domains of his specialty, Junaid was wise enough to launch his own brand with his name. J.J earned a lot of popularity soon the first outlet was inaugurated as the audience really wanted to see what this newly refreshed soul has to share with his fans. Junaid Jamshed’s designers paid much attention to the men-wears initially and the brand got prominence for its designer Kurtas. It is yet hard to comment on his marketing strategy because unlike others, he had to do pretty less to promote his brand. Whether it was the mercy of Divine on him or probably the quality of his offerings that the business grew like anything in the first two years!

Junaid Jamshed outlet

What is evident is the fact that Junaid has a strong marketing team behind which makes sure to advertise his products on billboards on high traffic areas and maintains its existence in the news. Whether it is spring, summer or winter, Junaid’s brand has well equipped  policies to make a good deal of money.

An unchallenged quality!

Men Kurta Junaid Jamshed

Now that J.J covers the need of all ages, J. is one of the leading brands of the country which is popular to cater the needs of Teens, Ladies, Gents for both, party and casual wear. Not only clothing, Junaid’s brand has another product that is currently at the initial stage as his Perfumes are what the brand is currently found promoting. Without doubts, the brand has produced some extraordinarily amazing stuff so far and for its quality, it is one of the most famous brands of Pakistan.

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