What Made Daniel Harrison So Rich

clip_image001.jpgDaniel Harrison name needs no introduction at al. he is very well known and famous as a successful American businessman who is the heir of Texas oil and gas companies. He has the entire family oil business which was previously started by his grandfather the first Daniel Harrison.

Initial Sufferings

His grandfather who himself was a legendary oilman united with J.S. Abercrombie to discover gushers like the Old Ocean field in Brazoria County. Through this way he build up his now oil and ranching empire across the entire Texas that is now in the possession of Daniel Harrison III. His father kept their oil business very much alive and also ran a ranchland as he was a master breeder of quarter horses. He is following his father’s footsteps and so he is also maintaining a quarter horse operations on a ranch in Fulshear to this day.

Daniel Harrison III is also very renowned to accomplish the principal ever deal for the family in 2010 when he succeeded to contract his 100,000-acre ranch in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas to Shell Oil for 1 billion dollars in cash, along with monarchs for future oil and gas fabrication which is marks his success in the business his father and grandfather started and kept flourishing.

Net Worth: ($1.8 Billion)

In exchange to the deal that he made involving the lease of the drilling rights on his 100,000-acre Piloncilo ranch in south Texas to Shell Oil, he got one billion dollars signing bonus money and after four years of the contract there are more than two hundred wells on the ranch that draw out about 30,000 barrels per day. His income from all such contracts was roughly around hundred million dollars in 2012 and was increased to one hundred and twenty five million dollars last year and by looking at the success of the ranch and business, his income is supposed to get more than 250 million dollars a year because thousands of Texas landowners are getting rich off oil royalties, but few ranches spread as vast as Harrison’s. It helps that the Harrison family has deep roots in Texas oil which increases the current family undertakings up to many folds.