A Look at the Massacre in Palestine in 2014 – In Search of Humanity!

Palestine again Burns- Wake up WorldI had a nightmare yesterday. There were noises so sharp that I could barely open up my eyes to visualize what is happening around. I was still somewhere in the middle of processing what is wrong with the surroundings when I felt the roof coming all my way. I tried to push it back when I saw one big lump falling on my sister’s head and she started to bleed. I wanted to save her, to protect her, but it was late. Very late. I thought of my other family members and I yelled their names. While I was still trying to escape, I heard another missile falling on my roof-I am dead!

Blessed I am, yo! It’s just a dream! Let’s get back to life. Who will win FIFA tonight? Guesses? Argentina or Germany? Oh yes, What about the company Facebook will now be taking over? Confused? Still lost somewhere in the dream? Congratulations, you still have some of the humanity left in you!

Palestine – Israel! What the issue is all about!

Palestine and Israel have been at war since a long time where by now, the two do not need any reason to launch missiles on each other, while Israel being at power. Below shown is a brief summary of the issue that has brought the two nations where they stand today.

Palestine Israel issue

If you have landed up here to learn the history of it, Apologies as we are not really giving a look to the ever-practiced strategy of finding the root cause when people are dying like insects in the region.

We have some serious facts to consider here. Above all, we need to explore whether there exists any humanity in the world or the lust for power and money has completely swiped it off!

Just like United States and Russia, Just similar to the behavior of India and Pakistan, there are located two countries that hold different views about the existence of the different party; they are Israel and Palestine. Since decades, the two have been fighting with each other, where Israel plays as a powerful player eating the territory, being funded with money and support by its friends while Palestine has always been the weaker one, giving its people a painful life-and-death. Being the Muslim-populated region, the country still hopes to receive aid, in terms of food, support, no-violent pressure on Israel to stop the tyranny but it is indeed a question for the entire world till how long is the brutality and ruthlessness will be killing the innocent Palestinians? The answer is, Till the time your country would be next to be bombarded!

Palestine After the Israeli Operation in 2014

We are not here to discuss who launched the first attack, because we are not here to blame. It is about analyzing how mercilessly the people of Palestine are oppressed in just a week. If you have so far been interested to know about the Palestinian updates, you will find that in every 5 minutes on average, there is a missile fired [Source: Click Here]. Not only this, their armed-men are all on the streets arresting every single Palestinian, shooting them to death and tormenting them to such an extent that they do not even feel pain anymore.

Children arrested by israelis in 2014

Palestinian Civilians Tortured in Cells


Women raped in palestine 2014

Palestinian women are raped on streets and their bodies are left uncovered to be eaten by the animals. This is indeed too much to be taken.

Killings inGAZA

As per the latest reveals, United Nations have asked Israel to agree for the ceasefire but it can be an interesting thought of a day for you to think what has this entire week caused to the Thousands of Palestinians who have lost their family members, their homes, their body organs, their sense to feel secured.

The Victims – The Suffering!

Suffering in GAZA

gaza killing

Child abuse in 2014


The Most Realistic Statistics You Could Have Known About Palestine!

  1. Since 1948, there are around 20,000 Palestinians who have died out the War Operations conducted by Israel.

Killing in palestine

  • The Recent Operation in GAZA- Palestine has nearly killed more than 230 Palestinians since Tuesday 8th, 2014.


Brutally killing in palestine

  • 100 out of these were Civilians, 50 were children.
  • There are around 2.4 million people who are still packed after the brutal bombing by Israel.
  • 10 Mosques have been damaged so far by the Israeli targeted attacks.


Blowing mosques in gaza

  • 600 Gaza houses have either been destroyed or damaged.


Why I Write This?

I write this to the thousands of saint souls who love to charity; I write this to all leaders who are magnificently amazing on rostrums and in public conventions; I address all great scholars, Monks, Priests and sacred men who preach goodwill and humanity; I question every father, every brother, every son, every Muslim, every Hindu, every Christian, every living soul; is this what you would have wanted from the world if Israel would have been bombarding your country? Your state? Your town? Your home? Would it have had been enough to condemn Zionists and their evil practices; their pointless attacks on Muslims and their brutal killing of innocents in Palestine on your social media?

I write this because I am a Muslim, nevertheless of the fact that I am safe. I write this because I see bleeding children at one end and dancing kids at the other. I see in them my brother, I see in the raped women of Palestine, my mother and my sisters. I see in the tortured lads, my uncles and my father.

I write this because that’s what I can do. It is your call now; let yourself know how human you still are!

The world has always united to help the suffering nations whether it be after the Tsunami in Japan, the Earthquake in Nepal, the Sandy in States, the flood in India or the Earthquake in Pakistan. Let us come together to help the poor, helpless and homeless Innocents of GAZA to get their broken homes fixed up and get their remaining family members the courage to think of living again.

Child killing at GAZA

Support Palestine- Save Humanity!


8 thoughts on “A Look at the Massacre in Palestine in 2014 – In Search of Humanity!”

  1. Nida, you have conveyed the message very well. Great work! May we all gather up to help them and may they get peace soon InshaAllah.

    • So good to hear from you Yusra, Indeed, its a pain to see the world going all nuts for the FIFA 2014 while people there in Palestine are bombarded. It is a strange world we live in!

  2. Well elaborated Nida, I just hope atleast our people Muslims open their eyes and instead of killing each other use their power for good. I really wish we could do something about all this, Palestine, Iraq, Syria or Pakistan May Allah bless us all. We started to boycott Israeli products for start and I feel if Muslims around the world atleast start doing it can put a big dent on Zionist economy.
    You keep up the good work you have a power of writing keep using it for good.

    • It is indeed a pleasure to hear from you over the matter. I was just surfing more on the issue and I am so heart broken to find so much of racism all over the world. There are platforms where Indians are found supporting Israelis just for the reason that Palestine is supported by Pakistan.

      The world has groomed so much yet we do not have even a hundred of correct minds that can think without being biased.

      I feel helpless- Thats what we are basically. Helpless souls. A bunch of people are proudly ruling our lives and without searching, we are blindly trusting them.

  3. That article made me cry. I wish if these so called Islamic Jihadist groups like ISIS can engage into a war with Israel rather than killings innocent muslims in Syria and Iraq. All we can do is nothing but just pray for our Palestinian brothers and sisters. I wish if Imam Mahdi atfj will emerge soon to make the world full of peace.

    • Hi Eliz,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your say with us. Let us hope together to get things better as soon as possible. Already so much destruction done.

  4. …when i started reading i was thinking about criticizing, i was half way through and then a thought occurred, why would you write it in the first place? and towards the end you helped figure it out!

    “i write this because that’s what i can do”

    last night i passed through PTI’s rally which was for the same reason, while passing i cursed at them for making such a fuss! today after reading your article i understand that its the sheer feeling of hopelessness that makes us do what we do in the name of protest, because “that’s all what we can do”. Hope you get the point.

    Thank you for writing this Nida. tomorrow i might think twice before judging!

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