London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony Highlights

london olympics closing ceremony 2012The blow that the world got with an extraordinarily opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012 finally came to an end last night. Smart earning methods, realizing the significance of the mega event has had been sharing some great posts on Olympics 2012, where the readers were updated with facts and figures, predicting the potential winners of Olympics. While China’s ultimate performance in London made its victory evident, It was United States of America that took over the badge of honor, making China the 1st runner up. The Game now comes to an end. It has been a ritual of Olympic Games that once the medals are distributed in the winning teams, a final celebration is done to give a tribute and applause to all the countries and the their representatives for being a part of the event.

As Huge as Olympics!

olympics park in london

The closing ceremony turned out to be a great success with 80,000 fans who reached Stratford to bid a final farewell to all the contestants who tried all their lucks to contribute for their country’s victory. Not only this but, according to the statistics, there were more than 1 Billion Global audience that enjoyed the eve, live from their television sets. To be accurate enough, there were 4,100 performers with 3,500 volunteers. The show became more appealing as 380 school children took an active part in the celebrations.

The Budget

olympics closing ceremony budget

Olympics, is not only huge in terms of followers, but also constitutes a good investments. This summer season had an overall budget of £80 million for the ceremonies, out of which £27 million was spent on the Opening ceremony itself.

The Beginning

Mayor boris and flag raising

The ceremony started with the introduction to London’s daily life with a tribute been given to the British Music industry. Soon after the entertaining act of the theme, the athletes of all nations entered the stadium with their flags. As the athletes entered, the national flags of Host nation, UK; Birth place of Olympics, Greece; and the country to host next Olympics season, Brazil, were hoisted with their respective national anthems being played, followed by the speeches made by the Mayor of the city and President of IOC.


The Performances

This season, the closing ceremony came up with a new trend. Most of the performers entered for their performances in a unique way, where Ray Davies entered in a taxi, Pet shop Boys on rickshaws, Annie Lennox on a giant black ship and Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs as the head of a fleet of mopeds. The heartthrob Russell Brand shocked the entire stadium with his mystery appearance from the roof.

annie lennox in closing ceremony

As mentioned above, the eve was all supported and equally celebrated by renowned artists who contributed their share in giving a tribute to the athletes. Muse performed on the official song of 2012 Olympics, ‘survival’ that touched the entire stadium, working out as a reminder that the season has came to an end. Other performers like The Who, George Michael, The Spice Girls, Kate Bush, Brian May and other bands added colors to the evening.

spice girls at olympics

And the Flame Extinguished!

The ceremony continued for three hours, not letting the viewers to lose interest even for a moment. Finally, the Olympic Flame that was enlightened in the opening ceremony was extinguished which blew a spell in the audience and all the excitement and noises turned into a silence. Lastly, according to the Olympic ritual, a handover was given to Rio De Janeiro which is going to be the next city as a Host for Olympics 2016.

flames got weaker in closing ceremony

The journey that we started with the opening Ceremony of the London Olympics this year , now finally reaches to an end. We congratulate the winning countries for their phenomenal performances to make their citizens proud of themselves. For the Nations that somehow couldn’t even make up for a single Medal, there is always a next time, All the best For it.

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