London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Expenditure Highlights!

London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Expenditure HighlightsIt really doesn’t matter if you are a sports lover or not, all you must be searching about at the moment is for the latest highlights of the most spectacle event on earth that just started last night, i.e. on 27th of July. You got it right, Olympics is back again!

There would hardly be anyone who might not know about the basic methodology that Olympics follow. However, it’s important to first let our readers to brief on what idea does Olympics promotes. Olympic Games are international sporting events in which all the nations participate, forgetting all the grudges and come together with a same motive, which is to promote peace and togetherness. It is an event where different sportsmen belonging to different countries participate in several games, striving really hard to score highest for their country. There are two major components in the Olympic season, one mainly the summer Games and the other, The Winter Games. Both of these sessions last for several weeks and the scores of both of these sessions are compiled to crown the nation, securing highest scores. What makes The Olympic fever more fascinating is the fact that it occurs once after every four years, costing Billions in organizing the event only.

What Does Olympics 2012 cost around?

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This year, Its London to Host the Olympics-2012 and according to the authentic sources, the estimated investment that has only been spent in the opening ceremony costs around $43 Millions, that is equal to 27 Million Pounds. You would be shocked to know that this amount is less than what China invested four year back while acting as the Olympics Host. Just Imagine!

crowd of people in olympics 2012 opening ceremony

The event was planned to counter 1 Billion Television Audience, where as the existing crowd was estimated around 64,000, which is really a huge figure. You might be still wondering what reward London must have gotten after investing so much in this event management, and the answer is; more than your imaginations! As stated, that the crowd was really huge, so were the ticket prices. The tickets were sold even two hours before the opening ceremony started for $3,157 (1,600 pounds). What a lucrative investment! Well done London!

olympics 2012 tickets costs

The Event

Since the first Olympics, it’s a ritual that seven young torchbearers ignite tiny single flames, showing the power of unity. Same happened last night when these young representatives triggered the ignition of 204 copper petals, gently rose towards each other and converged to form a single “Flame of Unity”.

flame of unity at olympics 2012

The crowed consisted of different people, representing different nations including Bolt, representing Jamaica, Michael Phelps for America, representing himself as an American Swimmer known for this talent in the Olympics history. Not only these but there are many new talents who were eager to play really hard for their country this time in order to receive something which has no match to it.

flags of countries taking part in olympics 2012

Next to it was the most remarkable tradition of Olympics and that was the parade of course. Each year, representatives of nations taking part in this event parade with their national flags rose with love and pride. Last night there were 204 competing countries showing their patriotism.

olympic-pakistan 2012 parade

Further adding the spicy, hilarious taste to the night, Mr. Bean took over the control and the whole crowed had no option left but to hold on their stomachs to get over with his uproarious keyboard playing. Just like Olympics, Rowan Atkinson is universal; therefore an act by this artist is what truly must have been a part of something global. The act was beautifully choreographed by the director Danny Boyle, who has won Oscar for his work.

mr. bean playing piano in olympics 2012

Celebrities to Notice!

It’s an event for which, the celebrities wait entire four years to be a part of. Having a crowd as large as 65,000 is always a good opportunity to give a boost to their fan following. Out of so many celebrities present under one tag, the most prominent ones are:

1) Mr. Bean; as mentioned above, Rowan Atkinson’s marvelous performance was something the crowed enjoyed the most.

2) The Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle grabbed the attention of his fans.

danny boyle at olympics 2012

3) The exceptionally fascinating appearance of the British Monarch with James Bond in a helicopter was something that none of those in crowd expected. The Queen looked totally stunning in her pink outfit.

Daniel Craig as James Bond with The Queen in Olympics film

4) Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and the Duchess of Cornwall was also seen in the event.

boris atolympics 2012

5) Mr. Potter did not led down his followers and played his part too along with JK Rowling.

entry of Harry potter and jk rowling

6) David Beckham’s presence was also noticed.

david beckham at olympics 2012

7) Frank Turner, Turning on  the crowd with his performance!

Frank Turner presenting in olympics

Olympics 2012: What’s New?

Believing that the exposure has increased at a significant rate as compared to that four years back, NBC and the International Olympic Committee have tried to make this one of the most connected, social and widely available Olympics ever. You can now keep yourself connected with your favorite Olympic summer season through your smartphones, or Television or even to many online sites.

olympics 2012 goes  socially leaked smartphones

Not only this, but NBC has taken smart moves this year to ensure that the Olympic craze stays warm till the closing ceremony and to make this one as the most memorable of all the previous 29 sessions.

whats new on olympics 2012

If you notice thoroughly as we did, you will notice much glamour this year, eye- catching enough to attract people who are Television viewers as well as keeping amused to the crowed that actually is investing really big on purchasing tickets for as high as 3,000 dollars.

Olympics 2012 Fever-when to End?

There are two important eves in the Olympic seasons, one mainly what we witnessed yesterday, that is, the opening ceremony which basically aims to welcome the participants, and the other being the closing ceremony where the results are announced and celebrations of the the achievements are been done.

According to the schedule revealed, the summer Olympics games of 2012 will finally come to an end on 12th August at the Olympic Park
The Opening Ceremony welcomes the guests and the Closing Ceremony celebrates the achievements and the awards of the participating athletes. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games’ Closing Ceremony is scheduled to be held on 12th August at the Olympic Park.

The audience is excited to be a part of it again purchasing tickets as high as possible.

Here is the detailed structure of Tickets for the Closing ceremony

Date Session Time Session Code Price Category
12th August 19:30-23:30 ZC001 £1,500 £995 £65 5 £150 £20.12

What About The Next Olympics 2016?

Considering the benefit of hosting such a great event economically, its Brazil in queue for the next Olympics that will be held in 2016. So if you are a Brazilian and could not make it up to take a part in Olympics this year, then you surely can in the next season.


Till then, keep your fingers crossed for the latest happenings in this Olympic Fever, that has not even left Google to Follow it and the Search Engine has now customized its page with the Olympic Highlights. Hope that your nation gets a medal this year.

olympic 2012 craze. google goes viral

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