Life of Phillip Phillips’: Winner of American Idol (Season 11)

It was only yesterday when the world at this time was all drowned in the American Idol craze, waiting for the results to be revealed of the American Idol (Season-11) Finale. We dedicated an entire post only focusing on what were the possible reasons that might decide the future of Phillip Phillips’ and Jessica Sanchez. The results leaked out few hours ago, declaring Phillips’ as the American Idol of season-11, which he somehow, rightly deserved. So here we share, who is Phillip Phillips’ with our readers, making it a treat for all fan followers of Phillips’. Finally their votes made him win. HURRAY!!

Phillip Phillips’ biography


Phillip Phillips

Born in September 20, 1990, The Young, irresistibly talented Phillip Phillips’, who is now enjoying the title of the American Idol season-11, was named twice by his parents. Phillip names Dave Matthews, Johnny Lang, Mumford & Sons, and Tool among his musical influences. This 21 year old, American Singer grew up in Sasser and Leesburg, Georgia and attended Lee County High School. He then graduated from Albany Technical College having the majors in Industrial Systems Technology; He recently graduated from the college, but had to miss his Graduation Ceremony due to his tight schedules of American Idol contest. Throughout his life up till now, Phillips’ has enjoyed the fame for being the best singer of his school, and then college. The college is proud of him and talked about him in the magazine Albany Uncovered, stating that Phillip started playing music when he was only 14 and has been a frequent performer in Albany, Georgia with the band G&S as we;; as with his younger sister. As already his Fans are aware about this multi-talented Idol, he can play almost all musical instruments along with singing.

Idol Auditions

It was in Savannah audition, when this amazing singer appeared on screen. Phillip performed an animated version of Stevie Wonder’s hit, “Superstition,” attracting the judges with his extra ordinary voice. Judges then asked him to present another song playing his guitar simultaneously, which he again did flawlessly performing Thriller by Michael Jackson. It was on February 23, which turned out to be a memorable day, taking the first step towards success and was selected as one of the Top 25 semi-finalists.

From the Injury- to The Success!

We have been observing a trend of contestants getting ill, taking a break due to some reasons while the competition still going on any many contests, landing up with two possible results for the contestant. Either the contestant enjoys huge sympathy voting or simply being eliminated. Luckily, Phillips’ fell into the first category.


The journey, that seemed to be too difficult from a very start, where all the contestants this times were totally mind-blowing, giving a tough competition. However, it was much more than this winner. After the Top 13 performance night, Phillips was taken to hospital for possible kidney stones, while the show, still going on. The Doctors recommended surgery which he postponed till the finale, bearing all the pain throughout the last events of the show.

Phillips’ himself stated:

“It was very tough. Great doctors and people surrounding me; it’s a blessing to have people that help out … I’m going to get some surgery done and I will be done before and ready for the tour…”

Phillip’s declared himself as Committed

Sorry Girls out there, I sympathy you equally, this Dashing, Handsome Hunk is committed. yes! OK! Magazine was the first one crashing this breaking news that Phillip Phillips is committed and has a girlfriend. The Lucky one has has been supporting her prince charming at every move that he took during the contest. Phillips’ commented on that note as:

She’s really proud of me getting out there and pursuing my dream and everything, she supports me all the way,

Idol journey


phillips won

A winner shows the sign of winning from the very first step he takes. Isn’t it? That can easily be verified if Phillips’ over all policies and grade sheet is examined thoroughly. Adopting an exceptional strategy of choosing is bold songs, Phillips’ compelled the viewers to love him and show that love with their voting. An unusual song selection has been one of the reasons bringing him victory. The journey was throughout a smooth one if the injury part is excluded. He knew how to keep judges happy and managed to stay in advanced and safe levels.



The LAST Battle



As discussed yesterday, The American Idol Season 11 finale had two contestants left, Phillips’ and Sanchez. Although Sanchez enjoyed a great fan following too, it was still difficult to choose between these two finalists. But as it happens, the day turned out to be a lucky one for Phillips’ with his flawlessly magical performance on the song “home” during the first half of the Idol finale.

sanchez congratulating

Jessica Sanchez herself knew somewhere that Phillips’ had an ‘X’ factor that could have made him win, even before the results were announced. She said:

I’m kind of relieved that this whole thing is over, but I am also going to miss everybody here. But, I’m gonna see my “Idol” family on tour, so I’m thankful for that. And I really think that Phillip really deserved to win, and I’m so happy for him.

…And He Won!

Today, that is, on  May 23, 2012, the first ever large figure of voting up to 132 million votes crowned Phillips with the title of American Idol of season-11at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. As the results got announced, Phillips couldn’t control his emotions, while performing his winning song “Home”, he came down to the stage, hugging his family. It was truly an emotional moment, tears roll down his cheeks with joy and pleasure



…And He Won What?

Phillips’ being the Winner of the contest has not only given the prize money and the contracts, but there is something beyond the materialistic approach, the never ending fame, the recognition, which is what really matters. American Idol has produced another star, who is truly one of the star of the century.Phillips and Sanchez were also given new Ford automobiles for their efforts.

We Wish him More Power,

Best Wishes =)

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