10 Ways To Make at Least $300 Working From Home

Businessman brainstorming and writing notesThese days when the job crisis are not only making earning difficult but are also effecting the health of people due to the tensions and never ending expectations of the employers from their employees, there has been seen a huge trend of making money online from home and becoming your own boss with a considerable amount of income been earned- too good enough to run a house even. Now it’s necessary to know what is a “good earning” to you. It varies from person to person, from need to need, but talking about average, we will discuss some most reliable methods that can generate revenue of $300 per month at least. We have been discussing these points separately with our readers too, but it’s important to keep refreshing the most successful techniques so that our readers make a full use of opportunities that are available for them.

1) Blogging

My readers know that it is always blogging that comes on rank #1 in my earning lists. As most of the visitors are bloggers themselves, they must have understood what I am talking about. But those who are planning to switch to blogging, here is a quick procedure.become blogger

The thought of owning a website is itself a medal, isn’t it? Don’t you feel proud when you tell people about your website? I do! Not only this, but you can earn double or sometimes, triple than what you could have earn working day and night in an office. As a start up, you can easily create a blog with Blogger, WordPress or even Joomla. Once you are done with creating a blog, which is really too easy, you need to now generate an interesting and worth reading content on your blog, good enough to attract the traffic. You need to have patience and work consistently to keep the blog updates, sharing the most interesting and latest data on your blog. As the viewers increase, your revenue increases too.

2) Freelancing

Freelancing, as we discussed, is an easy way to make money online where you are your own boss and you get a certainly acceptable amount for skills. However, initially it’s not that easy to get good offers as a freelancer. But, No matter how difficult one finds it initially, the charm still remains the same. There are loads of contractors available on internet who hires people for the freelancing stuff. All you need to do is to get yourself registered to the freelancing sites like freelancer, elance, etc and choose the fields of your interests. You get notified via a mail to an assigned email address about the latest contracts available. You can then post your proposal t the client, bidding for the work. If you match the clients’ requirements, there you go. You can earn consistently as long as your client is happy with your work.

3) Affiliated Marketing

If you are planning to go with tip #1, then its important to learn about affiliate marketing. It is one of the best ways of earning an appreciable amount through your website/ blog. When you say Affiliate Marketing, it actually means that you will promote others’ products or services, and will get a commission for every purchase of that product made through you. Such affiliate programs are abundant throughout the internet. They provide anyone with the opportunity to earn money online. But there is only one requirement to enjoy a substantial earning with affiliated marketing and that is, you need to make your blog hit enough to have a huge traffic following your daily posts so much so that the sponsors get attracted to the traffic in return.

4) Fiverr

Like freelancing sites, Fiverr is also one of the world’s largest marketplaces where you can buy and sell small products and services. Fiverr connects those people who are willing to work with the people who want to get a job done. Fiverr Pays a fixed amount of $5 ( $4 after deduction) for every task being offered. Now it depends on the user , how he presents his gig to attract clients towards his expertise. If you succeed in getting two clients each day, you can then earn at least $300, by the end of the month. Wow!

5) Other Fiverr alternatives

fiverr alternativesAlthough fiverr is the largest of all, it’s becoming over crowded. Following its example, many fiverr alternates have appeared on screen, some of the popular ones are Gigbucks, tenbux,fittytown, Zeerk, uphype. These Fiverr Alternatives are more or less better than the deals that are being offered by Fiverr.

6) Earn With YouTube

The best online Video sharing market place that you visit regularly for something or the other is YouTube. The best part about it which money of its subscribers doesn’t know is, you can earn in thousand dollars with it. Upload videos, lectures, movie trailers on YouTube and earn $1 for 1 view/visit. Your videos will be viewed by numerous people and just think about your earnings. earn up to $20,000 per month with videos being uploaded on YouTube.

7) Fill online Surveys

free surveysOnline surveys are conducted by the Companies who want a feedback from their customers. The best part about this is, you can carry on with your other jobs primarily and enjoy the small gifts by this wonderful and easy way to make money as well. Start it up by digging your internet, Google for the top companies (target the biggest, don’t let go the smallest either) those pay for taking surveys. The best and most profitable technique to be used here is to sign up with as many companies as you can.

8) Write Articles

There are thousands of sites that pay for article writing. You need to search about the authentic sites that are actually paying money for good articles. You need some kind of assistance here. You can either read reviews about such sites, explore about their working principle and the people who are actually getting benefitted by it. for instance, there are sites like AssociatedContent.com and eHow.com, and they pay around $1.50 – $2.00 per thousand views, however , the first thing you need to know is the site policy’s availability in your country.

9)  Earn by answering questions

Helping others in solving their queries is always something way too admirable. How good it would be if you start getting paid for this work? You can earn a huge amount with a Question and answer website.

10)  U torrent

Just like YouTube, its Utorrent as well, it seems like everything on internet is ready to pay you for your works online. You can earn with utorrent as well, the reward is great but with some risks.

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    And the Second one is CHPT.com ………..I’ve just joinind it and not have tested it to be honest, But the comments on other sites and testimonials on the site show that they pay too. 🙂


  3. Hello Nida, Great article, I am from Islamabad, Pakistan and working in a Pvt Bank. I am also making money from zeekrewards and JBP. I want to make full time earning from internet preferably thru Affiliate Marketing. would appreciate if you can guide best ways for that…….

    • Mr. Ali Raza,
      sorry for replying a little late, i was out of country and couldn’t follow up the comments.
      Sem is all about how one can shift to online money making business. We have some real treasures for you to get benefited with. search Affiliate marketing tag and read best articles on it.

  4. Its good to do freelancing but I still think its very hard for one to just do freelancing and just rely on that. Its a good + to do it though.

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