5 Laws Bloggers Must Follow to Avoid Getting Sued

Bloggers to sue for illegal use of contentPreferring to start a blog over all the other options to choose as a career requires you to first understand the fact that although blogging is the best example of being your own boss, You need to consider a lot of legal points while taking it professionally. It’s a pity that most of the bloggers do not care about legal aspects that can sue them, turning the business upside down. Moreover, even though the laws exist regarding blogging, the legal forces are way too busy in keeping a track of Billions of sites that are violating these laws each day. Nevertheless of these neglected realities, A blogger should know how far the law has given him rights of protection of his interests and at the same time, his responsibilities while running an online business.

Law 1: How to Deal with Your Content been Stolen?

Once the world will get to know about how precious your content is (if it is really), few of your readers will praise and without any doubt, few of them will copy it and use it on their own blog. Smart earning Methods have been a victim of this kind of stealing too. I found my articles been copied by a blog, (name not mentioned deliberately) where even the images with our logo. Anyway, so in such situations what you need to is:

If you feel about caring of this matter then have the following options:

· Email the site owner and tell him about copyright infringement asking them to remove your content from his site.

· If the person would be a decent one, he would probably apologize and do what he should, but there are equal possibilities that the reply might be an indecent one.

· For dealing with such people, be ready to spend some money then, inform them about a legal action will be taken against them.

· If you are too obsessed with your write ups then you can sue the owner for violating copyrights policy which you get the moment you publish your content automatically.

· Also discourage people from stealing your work by placing a copyright icon on your blog.

Law 2: Protecting Personal information

With the business getting online, protecting information is getting difficult day by day. As a professional blogger, you need to take care of the personal information that your readers share on your blog, like their names, email addresses, websites, etc. You need to take it as a responsibility and must learn more on how to protect this information with secure pages. Risking your readers’ privacy concerns might decrease your website’s traffic considerable and at the same time, you can be sued by any of your reader if things get miserable for him just because of your carelessness. Beware!

Law 3: Learn about deep linking

As a blogger what you have been doing up till now is you must be linking different sites that are relevant to your content in order to give weight to your views. Did you know it was illegal? Let me tell you how. What bloggers do is they link only that page of another site that has the content which he want his users to see for verification. It actually means that the blogger is giving short path to read someone else’s content, which is wrong. The owner of the other site can take it as trespassing and is eligible to take action against you.

Always link the main site if linking is way too necessary.

Law 4: Using Images is legal?

Using an image been copied from internet is NOT legal. What bloggers do is, they just go to Google image, type some keywords to get the best matched image and use it in their posts. What you can do to get a hold on some images without breaking laws is either you may take the permission of the owner of the website from where you want to copy the image. Next option is that, you can create your own image by editing those images. Linking to the original source is also a good practice that pleases the original owner as well. But what we will suggest you as the best option will be using images from the sites that do not have copyrights like flickr.

Law 5: owning user-developed content

Once your content is posted, now you need to watch out how the readers take it. It’s always a good and professional practice to state dos and don’ts in your site’s terms and services. Tell your readers that:

· You have all the freedom to deal with their comments as you please.

· You will remove them if someone requests (this is really up to you).

· You will not manipulate them or delete them without having a good reason to.

· They should share minimum amount of information so you can avoid anonymous comments.

· You will delete all comments if and when you expire your blog.

Every business is run on some rules and regulations so that things go smoothly without any possible problems arising in the business. Do take care of the above stated laws to ensure happy blogging.


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    • As a matter of fact, It is pretty same for every blogger initially. However, it is a great practice to start learning things and then implementing them in a better way 🙂

  1. Great article Nida, I agree with your all points. but I’m confused how blogger can hide their identity online while he/she have to work online… anyway, nice post.

    • Hie Rohit Buddy,
      Getting confused with the phenomena is quite acceptable, no worries. You will see that applying this law is further difficult practically, but always keep the expected circumstances in your mind, you will learn what to share and what not about you, yourself:)

      Thank you for the appreciation 🙂

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