Lakshmi Mittal ‘s Estimated Net Worth In 2016

How Rich is Lakshmi Mittal
Lakshmi Mittal was born on 15 June 1950 in India. He is a famous Indian business person, entrepreneur and a steel magnate. He is currently based in United Kingdom and is functional as the cofounder and CEO of the ArcelorMittal steel making company which is the world’s largest steel producing corporation. He owns more than 38 percent of ArcelorMittal’s shares while being a 34 percent stakeholder in Queens Park Rangers FC. According to the list of Forbes, Lakshmi Mittal is considered to be the richest Asian and Hindu person of Europe and is also considered to be the eight richest man of Britain according to different surveys. Forbes has listed him as sixth richest man of the world but this year his ranked has dropped to 82nd position.

Despite this fall, Lakshmi Mittal remained among the list of most powerful people in the world and is on rank 57th in this list as well.

Net worth of Lakshmi Mittal

His total net worth has been estimated to be 8.8 billion dollars according to the surveys given by Forbes magazine. His main source of income is his steel producing companies. Apart from operating his steel manufacturing business, he is among the board members of Goldman Sachs since 2008 and is also working as a member of board of directors in Airbus group also known as European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company. Moreover, Lakshmi Mittal stands around among the executive committee of the World Steel Association and is also a chief member of the Indian Prime Minister’s Global Advisory Council.

Net worth of Lakshmi Mittal

He has been an affiliate of the Foreign Investment Council in Kazakhstan, the World Economic Forum’s International Business Council, and the Presidential International Advisory Board of Mozambique.

The advisory board of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management located in the United States considers Lakshmi Mittal as a major affiliate of their advisory board. Not only are these but Lakshmi Mittal also a part of board of trustees of the famous Cleveland clinic as well.

The Sunday Times has regarded Lakshmi Mittal as The Business Person of 2006, The Financial Times has stared him with the honor of being The Person Of the Year, Time magazine in 2006 has also given him the name of International Newsmaker Of The Year while in 2007 the same magazine honored him by including his name in 100 Most Influential Persons In The World list.

Lifestyle of Lakshmi Mittal

Since Lakshmi Mittal is the major business tycoon of India, his lifestyle is also over-the-top and overgenerous. He owns many luxurious residential houses and real estate properties among which Taj Mittal is the most famous one. This residential house of Lakshmi Mittal is located at the billionaire’s row in London which is situated in the midst of houses of Sultan of Brunei and Kensington Palace.

Lifestyle of Lakshmi Mittal

Palace Greens No 6 is another house of Lakshmi Mittal located in England and is a gift to his son Aditya Mittal. This house is a four story mansion that covers about thirteen thousand square feet area with five luxury bedrooms and other lavish facilities that are hard to afford in England. Lakshmi Mittal also owns a penthouse apartment in London which is even luxurious than his many real estate properties and is perfectly suitable for his prodigal lifestyle.

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