Ken Langone- A Rich Man Who Belonged To A Poor Family!

Ken Langone- A Rich Man Who Belonged To A Poor Family!There are a few people who are own a responsibility of changing their lives completely and are now known for their super hit business strategies all over the world.One of such heroes of the finance industries is Ken Langone who can be taken as an example for people who have gone through a tough childhood financially.

Early Life

Ken Langone was born in 1935 and is now among the most famous and successful American businessman and investors who are best known for their cofounding at The Home Depot. He has now his net worth of around 2 million dollars according to the Forbes magazine. He was born in Roslyn Heights, New York in the home of a working class parents. Both of his parents used to work really hard with his father being a plumber and his mom being a cafeteria waitress so it is evident that he has seen many hardships in his life than most of the people.

The  journey of success

He studied from Bucknell University and after that he had to go for some of the various blue collar jobs that were his soul reason of income. He had been a butcher’s assistant, a caddy and also a ditch digger. While he was at his university he became a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and after his graduation he moved back to New York and this time his destiny was Manhattan rather than Brooklyn where he went for New York University Stern School of Business during the night shifts while working at different places full time during the day.

Rich Man

Following his graduation from the New York University Stern School of Business he began his own business career and after some time he was able to set up a deal for the Ross Perot’s company Electronic Data Systems. He built his experience over the time and years and also studied home improvement business as well that led him to his own home improvement chain called Handy Dan. But even after all these adversities he has not forgotten where he is coming from and it is due to the fact that he has underwrote more than 150 million dollars to many charities among which his main focus were many universities, medical research and training centers, educational places and his main motive was to help children in all means possible.

Serving Humanity

The money he gets from The Home Depot, he uses it to manage a charitable organization which is called as Ken’s Kids. The main focus of this charity is to give off the job training and employment to the young people and help them get through their hard times, even with the individuals with disabilities are also facilitated. He himself looks after the charity of the entire place, giving millions of dollars for it to fanfare.

His life is full of motivation and for people who really want to progress, he is an excellent example of how to serve humanity while growing really high!


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