10 High Paying Jobs You Can Do Without a Degree!

money without a degreeMaking money is the primary goal of survival of human being as these days nothing is free, except problems. However, for a good job, a person must be well educated and qualified for that particular job, which again might not be available or possible for people, depending on the circumstances they live in. There fore we found it important to highlight some tips to make money with the jobs that do not require a professional degree, but still are good enough to help you meet your all necessities and some luxuries too.

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1) Real estate broker

real estate manager

This is a job that requires high amount of dedication, time, experience, charisma and most importantly a license which is a diploma basically. This is a very competitive field which requires day and nights effort and long stretches of almost no earning but annually this offers you a salary which helps you to maintain a good lifestyle.

2) Air traffic controller

air traffic controller

This job is stressful and requires high amount of responsibility. Their job is to protect the life of thousands of people every day by ensuring safe landings of the aircrafts. Before being called professional air traffic controllers they have to undergo various courses and medical examinations.

3) Small business owner

own small business

If you are in a possession of some capital then you can start running your own business. This is however a lengthy program of earning money as it takes time, effort, zeal and enthusiasm. You have to think before you start a business and if your business starts to yield you profit then this results in a handsome amount of money. Another advantage is in a small business you have to pay less amount of taxes.

4) Fire chief

fire chief

This is a very dangerous and risky job and requires a high school diploma. This job also requires you to be a good leader as you have to lead and control your men in very difficult conditions. This is a very noble job and requires you to stay away from home a lot but on average it offers you a handsome amount of money.

5) Construction manager

If a person has a work experience in any construction company for several years then he may be ready to step up to the role of a construction manager. This job allows you to get regular promotions inside your company because managers have spent time and understand the ore values of the company. But in this job a person has to be standby for any emergency.

6) Network/IT manager

IT manager

This is the era of the modern technology therefore companies are opting for computers for their everyday task, but there must be someone who has to ensure that these computers are working flawlessly. For this all what a person is required to do is that he has to keep up with the latest technologies and also have a desire to keep learning. Companies have high regard for such specialists and they pay good amounts to IT specialists.

7) Hotel executive chef

Cooking is an art which many people possess naturally therefore if you think that you are a good cook then all you have to do is to take some coaching and learn new dishes. Cooks have to work long hours and stay away from home but in the end they are able to generate a notable income.

8) Pilot

Passion is a degree itself, if you have the will to learn how to actually fly a plane, all you need is a demo. However, it has got some real risks, but as far as all goes right, you can enjoy earning smart. What we recommend is to get a professional training from a institute, if not a degree and that can help you in offering various options as pilots for commercial airlines, cargo airline and corporations. Their importance is also emphasized due to the requirement of pilot in armed forces. Their salaries are based on rating, experience and type of license.

9) Court reporter

court reporter

This is a very hectic work as it requires a lot of attention and transcribing 100’s of words per minute. You need to take classes in transcription to impress a courtroom so that they can hire you for their service.Wow, Even I can do this one! Smile

10) Radiation therapist

Therapists need to have a two year associate degree or a certificate in radiation therapy. All they have to do is to target cancer cells of the patents this requires a lot of responsibility and therefore are paid accordingly.

The above careers show that it is not necessary that only those people are paid high who possess a 4 year college degree. All a person has to do is to believe in his abilities and try to achieve excellence in the work which he is doing and success will follow behind him.


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  1. Starting a small business and make huge money is almost everyone’s dream! Yet it wasn’t that easy at first. One really need to make good use of the resources he/she had with great accountability.
    The only different among is THE LEVEL of effort, zeal and enthusiasm we have within ourselves.
    After read this post, feel like finishing my degree as soon as possible 😉

  2. Great post Nida
    and in my opinion i like Network/IT manager i would like if i can work on a computer companies
    but i have now a diplomat on air conditioning 🙂
    and i’m searching for a work !!!!!

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