15 Unique Job Websites to use in 2013

find job on websiteFinding jobs after getting your degree was considered to be one of the worst experience for the graduates but thanks to the online platform, things are quite different now. It is now only that students get their first job while still been in university and the only medium to find potential jobs are through the job portals that offer a huge list of jobs daily available.

Here are 15 job websites you might not be knowing about! Have a look and try availing them!


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 28,000,000

Browse jobs by Location, company or categories and Industries. Monster.com network is the widest providing from job interview questions to writing tips to a naïve candidate. The advice forums, applications and company profiles provide the best job to a deserving candidate.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 26,400,00

Finding jobs is not an easy task when someone asks you to do so but at career building you will find from healthcare to teacher jobs and IT & Engineering jobs with a faithful advice at the forum. You will also find the international potential clients on the site.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 17,000,000

Indeed one search and there you go with your perfect job, you simply need to enter your job title or company names and enter the place where you want to work, hit the find jobs button and you are exposed to the trillions of chances to capture.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 9,000,000

Seeking for jobs is one of the most tiring jobs and still at the end of the day you got nothing to be happy at, here you will stay updated via the job boards and the web which is regularly updated. You can find jobs under the various categories such as art/graphic design/ media, computer/technology, executive/ management, etc. Find job at your friends’ companies, be the first one to know the job vacancy in your dream company.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 6,900,000

Get an inside look of your job and companies, see what an employees are saying about your future boss and then decide. Here looking for job is an easy and transparent. Here are millions of people from different communities guiding you through the procedure by sharing their salaries and experiences to help you make better job decisions. You will find variety of jobs from accounting to nursing, all potential jobs are available here.

6)Aol Jobs

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 4,400,000

The site is restricted to few URLs but it is quite famous though as it ranked 1,340 in eBizMBA Rank. The site is updated on regular bases and hundreds of jobs posted everyday and you can pick the one if you are lucky enough to get selected.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 4,200,000

The site is quite famous for finding job in the USA; it ranked 1,430 on eBizMBA Rank. The site is out of order for technical issues temporarily.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:4,190,000

Either you are a special child or a student or recent graduate; it’s your platform to get started now! It works as easy as other sites, you simply need to enter the job title and look in the place you want to work, hit the search button and enjoy the party over your confirmation. But the schedule of USAJOBS varies so you may need to check the monthly schedule of downtimes.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 3,800,000

If you can’t run too far from your home and looking for local jobs, sign up on job.com to get connected to hot jobs from some of the today’s best employers, you will definitely find the one of your interest. It is a best source of career advice and helping in whether you are looking for employment today, or researching employment opportunities for tomorrow.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 2,450,000

If you have one of those online career portfolios, promote yourself at Beyond.com. Search for any kind of job anywhere. Join the community and become one of the 30 million professionals today. Beyond.com is here to deliver career opportunities to manage your career and make your goals become more attainable, so you can focus on reaching your next moment of career success.

11)The Ladders

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 1,400,000

You may miss the vacancy at your favorite employer because you couldn’t check the details lately, but here there is no way of losing a job because here you be the first to see the new jobs from 37,000 employers who are hiring for jobs $40K and up, via hiring alerts from the employers. The site provide you suggestions of jobs that are relevant to you so you don’t have to waste your time dashing through the job board.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 1,300,000

A tech world! It is a heaven for you, because it has brings together like minded techs in specific fields. Start up at a place where innovation never stops. Join the community to follow the updates and newsletters, focused job postings and learn best practices.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 1,200,000

Finding a job that does not make you go crazy and finding a boss that could be happy easily is like finding a pearl in a sea. Findtherightjob is bringing the strategies to get that job to you. It has popular career fields from where you can pick the desire one, begin your search and get employed.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 1,500,000

It provides a fastest way to get your job across the web. Join the community and one of those 3 million candidates who join 100,000+companies. Reach employers by post alerts. Post jobs on top job boards or seek the desired one under the smart advice.


Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:1,100,000

Are you a job seeker or a recruiter? Score your next job here, it sends the most targeted emails that helps you quickly find a job, you will surely get an interview shortly after using bright.com. It deserves a chance by you, check it out you will soon owe a thanks to a bright.com.

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